Velvet: a short presentation


Velvet: one of the most highly appreciated fabrics. Emblem of wealth and preciousness, many are the varieties.

Few fabrics caress the senses with such intensity and tickle our fancy, narrating stories of lavish interiors and regale clothing: velvet, with its bright tones and the warm silkiness, has this gift, appreciated for centuries by designers, artists and lovers of beauty in general.

Its main feature is to present on the exterior a trimmed and very dense pile (plain velvet) or a series of small loops of thread protruding from the fabric (curl velvet). The name is derived from the Latin “vellus”, fleece, and is well suited to describe the typical pile finish. Continue reading

Salone del gusto and Terra Madre in Turin

This year, the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre will become one: the event will take place from the 25 to 29 of October at LingottoFiere in Turin and will be a reference point for all the international Slow Food movement. A great collective narrative, completely open to the public, made up of producers, chefs, Taste Workshops, educational activities, Slow Food Presidia, new opportunities to visitors, on top of all the classic events and a rich program of conferences.
The stories of the special guests of the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre 2012 show us how we can change the paradigm that governs this world in crisis, using food as the key. And they show that we can do something good for our health, the environment and the production system without giving up the pleasures of food and conviviality.

Pantone Fashion Color Report 2013

Pantone has officially announced the must-have shades of spring 2013 for fashion and design. According to the Pantone Fashion Color Report 2013, the season will be marked by the predominance of green: from Tender Shoots, a vibrant yellow-green, to Grayed Jade, soft and relaxing, to Emerald, bright green but at the same time elegant. In addition there are two shades of blue, from the most classic and profound Monaco Blue, to the softer Dask Blue. For lovers of purple African Violet, strong and intriguing. There is also space for exuberant shades like Lemon Zest, the bright yellow of spring sunshine and Poppy Red, passional and intense red. The Tangerine Tango of the last season will be replaced by Nectarine, warm orange that infuses well-being. The palette closes with Linen, neutral  and light tones.


The Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation , from today 19th of September  2012 to the 6th of January 2013, presents
FOR PRESIDENT, the first exhibition dedicated to every aspect of the U.S. presidential election. A journey through hundreds of photographs, videos and installations on the history of American propaganda. A different way of thinking about an exhibition, joining current news and past, and especially by directly involving the visitors. The exhibition will accompany the last two months of the campaign with lectures and special events, culminating on the day of the election of the 45th President, the 6th of November 2012. For the occasion, the space of Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation will turn into a great press room from which the public can follow the live of the most important political event of the year.