Collecting Textiles!

Which are the spirit and the motivations of a fabric’s collector? What drives him to try and rack up textile articles without ever being satisfied? Collecting Textiles, the book edited by Margaret Rosina published by Allemandi, gives a series of answers leading the reader in beautiful travel between different kinds of textile collections. With an introduction that gives a significant portrait of the collector Antonio Ratti (which includes an essay by Thomas P. Campbell, director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York), the volume continues with interesting speeches and unpublished images.

This particular way of collecting is explained through three key themes: the figure of the collector (Annette Schiek’s Deutsche Textilmuseum Krefeld, Aurélie Samuel Musée Guimet of Paris, Maria Paola Ruffino’s Civic Museum of Ancient Art in Turin and Seth Siegelaub, founder of Stichting Egress Foundation), the identity of the collections and the birth of the textile museums (Angela Völker the MAK in Vienna, Jacqueline Jacqué the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes Mulhouse, Eulalia Morral of the Centre de Romeu Documentaciò the Museu Tèxtil Terrasa and Filippo Guarini of the Textile Museum of Prato), and finally the complex problem of exposure of textiles (Magdalena Droste, a student of the Bauhaus textiles Sonnet Stanfill and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London).

A beautiful book and a great way to learn about the history of the fabric… enjoy the reading to you all!

Collecting Textiles
Patrons Collections Museums
by Margherita Rosina
2013 – Ed. Allemandi & C., Torino

Understated contemporary charm: Euphoria is the new l’Opificio’s Collection!

Stripes, polka dots and a sophisticated design that seems to suggests the veins of marble are the three different lines of the Euphoria Collection, the new l’Opificio’s proposal that matches rigor, elegance and unconventional graphic signs.

With a strong palette, tasteful shades and rich contrasts Stripe, Polka Dots and Marble represent a understated contemporary charm.


Art and fabrics: Soft Pictures @ Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Soft Pictures is a group exhibition, at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudango, that explores the use of textile in contemporary art, an interesting overview on the use of fabric as a material to create fashinating art images. Irene Calderoni, the exhibition’s curator, suggests a reflection on the multiplicity of meanings that the adoption of this medium entails in artistic practice. She underlines how, in the contemporary world, choosing fabric as a material and using old techniques to work it represents the first significant, strong gesture to open up a whole range of expressive possibilities for art. Some of the main themes are tradition, memory and folklore: the textile – in the balance between function and decoration, design and art, tradition and modernity – is here recognized as a vital tool of artistic research.

Artists: Sanford Biggers, Shannon Bool, Enrico David, Willem De Rooij, Noa Eshkol, Mike Kelley, William Kentridge, Gabriel Kuri, Goshka Macuga, Adele Roeder, Slavs and Tatars, Rosemarie Trockel, Piotr Uklanski, Francesco Vezzoli, Vincent Vulsma, Franz Erhard Walther, Pae White, Andrea Zittel

Soft Pictures
curated by Irene Calderoni
23 October 2013 – 23 March 2014
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino

Torino Design Week 2013 Artissima – Paratissima – Photissima…

November is for Turin the month of contemporary art.
The Luci d’Artista are switched on again, Artissima and Paratissima and The Others are arriving, and more events are expected in the coming weeks.

In 2013, Artissima will present a selection of the most famous galleries and cutting-edge on the world stage and an exciting calendar of related events in collaboration with leading institutions dedicated to contemporary art in the city.

Artissima will take place from 8th to 10th November 2013 in the spectacular pavilion of the Oval, an original building with a particular architectural style built for the Olympic Games in Turin in 2006 that is the ideal container to host an important event like Artissima.

What’s new

Surely the most important news in the context of these events is the birth of Flash Backfrom 7th to 10th, because it means the entry of ancient art into the world of contemporary art.

In the same spirit, it has become more and more important to defend and promote the work of young people, hosted by “Paratissimafrom 6th to 9th, to get to the evocative experience of The Othersfrom 8th to 10th , inside the prison space.

Photissimafrom 6th to 10th , which opens at 18.30 at the Manifattura Tabacchi, and “Bam – Biennale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” which opens with a vernissage at 19.30 at the NH Lingotto Tech.

And on Saturday night let’s stay till late with “Notte delle Arti Contemporanee “.

l’Opificio creates for you

Symbol of prestige and exclusivity the bespoke service l’Opificio is the perfect answer to the demand for perfection and excellent tailoring.

l’Opificiomade ​​to measureoffers the possibility to create bespoke quilts, bedspreads, cushions or entire textile projects.

With the utmost care
l’Opificio supports the client in choosing every detail and the skillful work of our expert couturieresturns into perfection.

From the first stitch of sewing until the last finishing, the expert hand of the artisan creates unique items exclusively for you.

For bespoke service please ask Silvia, she responds to the
n. +39 011 9298670 from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 12.30.

Francesco Vezzoli @ MAXXI Rome till 24th of November

The Trinity is an exhibition that presents the art of Francesco Vezzoli to the public in three different museums: MAXXI, MoMA PS1 in New York and MOCA in Los Angeles.

Till the 24th of November the Roman museum exhibits Vezzoli’s artworks in the form of petit-point embroidery, videos, photographs or sculptures: works born from fragments of art house cinema, from Hollywood films and television productions, or from the history of art, or fashion and of politics. They come from the world of culture, both “high” and “low”. Inspired by themes from the popular imagination, Vezzoli adopts mass-media mechanisms and, using a complex web of linguistic codes, exposes their processes and mechanisms, and the logic behind them. With over ninety works, some exhibited for the first time, “Galleria Vezzoli” exposes Vezzoli’s artistic career, from the early 1995 embroidered to the tapestries, from photographs and videos up to the last marble sculptures.

Enjoy Quality Milano’s shopping bags


Enjoy Quality Milano is an ambitious project  focused on the creative universe of shapes and colours that define the women’s most important accessory: the bag. An enthusiastic and passionate research which is transling by the designer inunique pieces and sartorial details thought to be comfortably used everyday.

From the fabrics’ selection, up to the cuts and finishings, Enjoy Quality Milano’s shopping bags means uniqueness, elegance but above all wearing easy. Each piece is realized with handcraft care even if clean shapes and thecolour-matches clearly declare a very feminine and contemporary taste.
Enjoy Quality Milano‘s creations are thought with love for those who recognize the value of a comfortable, well done and beautiful bag.








Since  October 11th till 18th l’Opificio’s Design Section will be dedicated to Enjoy Quality Milano.

Art and fabric: Eva Berendes

Eva Berendes, German artist born in 1974, uses the fabric to investigate all the possible relations between textile, the colorful shapes that compose it and the exhibition space.

Her works are not simple installations, are presences that light up the exhibition area: they constitute with the space a kind of silent dialogue. Very often  his works are spectacular curtains consisting of large graphic compositions which slowly move with the visitors’ movements. They are huge pieces of fabric, assembled like a colorful puzzle, which become real mobile architectures: extremely simply works but with a very strong visual impact and with a mysterious and fascinating soul. Even  if her works have minimal aesthetic next to Mondrian’s word, at every glace Berendes’  artwork reveals a new meaning.