Art and Fabric: Paola Anzichè

Paola Anzichè, on display until March 10th, 2013 in Triennale Design Museum during the group exhibition “Kama. Sex and Design”, is an Italian artist graduated in Accademia di Brera who lives between Frankfurt and Turin where she has found the ideal place to research and conceive his artistic practice. The body has an essential role in her art but very often fabric is the instrument through which to investigate the physical and conceptual relation between spaces, bodies and objects (in many cases through objects like carpets or intricate networks made ​​of elastics).

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Tendre: the new proposal by l’Opificio

Tendre is the new proposal by l’Opificio to decorate your home with new romantic pastel shades. The delicate nature of pink tones and the colours of the crystal and aquamarine in two simple graphic signs: ESA and MODU. Two geometries that reinterpret in a contemporary way the 50’s new look and aesthetics. Clean lines that enhance the high quality of the damask fabric in fine mercerized cotton and viscose.


Sartorial technique: PATCHWORK

Born as a technique for recovering materials, patchwork over the years has showcased the artistic talents of its creators, up to becoming a kind of fantasy and reappearing in the work of designers such as Cavalli and Marras.

“A sartorial technique, a part of the history of applied arts, a fabric composed of different materials, a trend”.

Patchwork means first of all a work that is created by combining various kinds of different fabrics, sewn together that give life to a play of colours and shapes.
The technique, originally, was centred on the production of quilts.

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Sweetdreams and the magic quilt

he princess Sweetdreams was beautiful, fun and well educated. Beautiful with a refined elegance, full of fun with a smart and subtle humour and also well educated, highly educated, because Sweetdreams never slept, she studied.

It was not always so, but when it happened Sweetdreams decided to devote all her time to study and all of her knowledge to others. And the others loved her because Sweetdreams was helpful for everyone.

One day Sweetdreams met Prince Charming, her Prince Charming, who was enchanted by this extraordinary woman, but also troubled by the profound fatigue that veiled her sweet eyes.

But Prince Charming knew how to make his beloved happy: he chose the softest velvets and the most precious silk and went to the Sleepyhead Fairies and asked them to sew a magic quilt.

It took a long time before, between a nap and another, between one snooze and a doze, the fairies were able to create a wonderful quilt, sewing stitch by stitch with the famous Sleepyhead Thread, so finally Prince Charming could give this marvel to his Sweetdreams as a surprise on her birthday.

And since then they have lived happily ever after because every night Sweetdreams sleeps happily, wrapped in her quilt, sewn with skill, love and a touch of magic.

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