l’Opificio Boho Chic: Regina Collection

Gentle floral designs with a bohemian taste, evanescent shoots and petals which gently lie on a precious silk.

REGINA Collection recalls ancient times, baroque influences with a contemporary mood, it can express l’Opificio’s dna: the meticulous attention to detail and to the high quality of a 100% silk fabric, and to an accurate design research.

SILK: a short presentation

Silk: a brief history

Silk was originally produced in China, possibly as early as 6000 BC, although there are authoritative studies that date it back to 3000 BC. Legend has it that the birth of sericulture is owed to the Empress Xi Ling Shi who discovered the qualities of the cocoon. The Empress was walking when she noticed a caterpillar. Touching it with her fingers a silk thread appeared. Wrapping it around a finger she formed a small cocoon. Silk was gradually produced throughout China. Thanks to Chinese merchants and not only the quality of silk was soon appreciated in neighbouring countries and throughout Europe.

The Chinese emperors ensured that the knowledge of sericulture remained a secret, but in 300 BC the methods of silk production began to spread from neighbouring countries, coming to Europe in 550 AD. Legend has it that monks under the orders of Emperor Justinian brought the first silkworm eggs from the East hidden in some bamboo.

With the passage of time Italy became the main producer of silk in the West, primarily in the areas of Como, Forlì and Caserta.

Nowadays the country with the largest production of cocoons is China, followed by Japan, India, Korea.
Today the silk produced in Italy is one of the best in the world.

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ART AND FABRIC: Yinka Shonibare and the African batik fabrics

Colours, patterns, glares and influences are the distinctive features of African batik fabrics: the same fabrics that Yinka Shonibare, shortlisted for the prestigious Turner Prize in 2004, uses to wrap the protagonists of his installations. Art works with a deep visual impact in which he links north and south of the world with a sophisticated reflection that seduces and subverts the usual beliefs with humor.

Shonibare, born in England but with African origins, since the beginning of his career exhibits his outsider nature even if he hasn’t personally experienced the migration to a Western country: a discomfort, paradoxically accompanied by a desire to socialize, manifested by an art never corrupt by ideologies as in engaged art.

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l’Opificio Haute Couture

Silk velvets of the highest quality and materic brocades are manufactured by the hands of the most skilful maison’s tailors: l’Opificio HAUTE COUTURE, silk organza and elaborate tailoring details mean a sophisticated and discrete luxury that never goes out of fashion.
The elegance of the shades of night, vibrant colours and rich reflections express the DARK SIDE of l’Opificio.

DÉGRADÉ: The new cushions’s collection by l’Opificio

Pastel  colours, bright colour, strong colours as is strong l’Opificio’s passion for fresh and funny palettes.
Colour is the main protagonist of  DÉGRADÉ, the new stylish and witty cushions’s collection by the maison.
Coushions in precious cotton velvet, available in 55 variants of colours, cut and sewn with tailoring precision like all l’Opificio’s creations.

Online all our cotton velvet collection.