ART AND FABRIC: Joana Vasconcelos

With the 84th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo has opened, at the Gucci Museum in Florence, an interesting research about the contemporary art dedicated to Joana Vasconcelos. After the important solo exhibition in Versailles, the Portuguese artist born in 1971, puts once again the focus of her reflection on the strong attachment to his native land. With this last exhibition as in Venice, where she presents an opera/boat that sails the lagoon, traditional elements are mixed with a very pop aesthetic. Ostrich feathers, coloured fabrics collected during her travels and objet trouvé that she normally uses in her installations are replaced by linear shapes.

Embroidery, a technique that she knows very well, is reconsidered with a new perspective: impressive the red Viana’s heart, a Portuguese symbol, reinterpreted with plastic cutlery molded in a network that became a suggestive red lace. Very interesting the video about the knitting technique of five Portuguese women.

Online the new design section with Valentina Lupodesign!

Since July 15th till July 28th Valentino Lupodesign is available l’Opificio Design section.

Valentina Lupodesign comes from the inspiration, the imagination and from the elegant and delicate taste of Valentina Lupo. Graduated in Fashion and Textile Design she began a creative career marked by a passion for fabrics and leather in all its forms and applications.

The jewel is declined in very personal shapes, it is a good-luck charm to touch and to fell which is fashionable even if it hasn’t fashion as a model: to be trendy is a permanent feature of a constantly evolving style.

Valentina Lupo’s jewels are sartorial details thought, projected and completely handmade: they are designed to enrich the look with fabrics and leather shaped on the body. Each creation is a unique piece enriched with object trouvé, buttons and vintage rhinestones, trimmings, crystals and everything comes from the past.

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Eccentric shapes, unusual materials, daring proposals and a very strong personality: she is a designer graduated at the Royal College of Arts in London who has brought a blaze of colour and boldness in the design world. We’re talking about Bethan Laura Wood, a promising young girl born in 1983 who has a unique sense of humor and a strong energy. After many years of minimalism and rigour, contrasting with the 80’s and 90’s opulence, she starts to dare again and, with her bravery, she won the W Hotels Designers of the Future Award organized by Design Miami / Basel. With ethnic and pop taste at the same time the most traditional materials, like wood and glass, are revolutionized with multicolour dashes: from Pyrex lamps to fabrics, from jewels to libraries, Bethan Laura Wood’s design is really unique and distinctive.