Dress your sofa and make your curtains with the l’Opificio velvet: they will become more beautiful over the time.

Live them day after day, breathing, the fine natural fibres will get a special only yours nuance.
Thanks to their long duration they will be your inseparable and indispensable life partner.
You can serenely live with your family the l’Opificio velvet: it is healthy and completely formaldehyde free.

Try the real velvet experience and its unique sound.

Art and fabric: Sara Enrico

Sara Enrico, born in Biella in 1979, sounds out the meaning and the potential of painting through the analysis of its founding tools: canvas and colour. Her research revolves around painting and the potential of its related materials – oil color, canvas, frame and fabrics. The artist chooses these elements for their physical qualities, exploring their possibilities and producing a wide range of forms, for which she uses both traditional media and digital processes.

Enrico’s works supply the occasion for consideration of the relationships between art and craftsmanship and between art and textile, which are particularly solid aspects in Piedmontese tradition. Furthermore, her canvases allow us to rethink the value of painting today and its possible interpretations through new technologies. Fabrics, with its strong material presence, have a main role in her research. It’s very interesting her work untitled (Jacquard) where a canvas has been laid on the scanner to obtain a digital image then translated to a fabric generated through an industrious process using a Jacquard loom.

saraenrico saraenrico2