Art and Fabric: Hans Haacke

Hans Haacke, winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennial in 1993, and one of the main protagonists of the new avant-garde season, has investigated the political, social and economic conditions through a universe of works presented in some of the most important contexts of Europe and North America.

Since the past forty years he is denouncing the supposed neutrality of the cultural institutions that make up the art system, on the contrary inplicated in the capitalism dynamics. A strong and deep research which gives as a results artworks with a great impact but extremely poetic. Blue Sail is certainly one of them: one delicate blue chiffon, impalpable in its float submitted to the movement of the air produced by a fan, remaining mysteriously suspended in the air. Or Wide White Flow, an artwork in which a huge white soft fabric invades like a blanket of fog a whole museum room, or State of the Union, where a blue towel with white stars obviously makes reference to the flag of the United States.

Sociopolitical themes are faced with artworks like MOMA Poll (1970), in which it asked whether the fact that the Governor Rockefeller had not denounced the policy of Nixon in Indochina constitute a reason not to vote for him in the next election; Der Bevölkerung the project (2000 - in progress), which imposed the overthrow of the writing on the facade of the Reichstag "To the German people" with "To the people", then dedicating it to all residents in the country; the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 1993, which earned him the Golden Lion for best national pavilion. And several other works, such as those on Philip Morris and Benetton, where Haacke has highlighted economic and political mechanisms related to the art world.

Annalisa Morzone

Collezione tessile LOVELY

l’Opificio fabrics tell about: Lovely, news 2015

Every meter of l’Opificio fabrics tells about the Made in Italy know-how, made of culture, elegance, technical know-how, design and Italian savoir faire.

Every new collection is the result of a long work that we always carry out with a big love, in order to reach each time fabrics and velvets that not only follow the design, but that, first of all, we feel as ours and we’re glad to give to our public.

Lovely, the new collection first shown at Maison&Objet Paris and at Homi Milano, combines two patterns, Fioca and Puzzle, which play with macro yarn and blended shades. Fabrics that are contemporary in their design and colours, but also cozy and pleasant.

It’s a pleasure for us to let you know part of the work we did and to show you the production’s making of of the new fabric, Lovely. Production that our Italian technicians carry out with method and passion, year after year and day after day.

And so, each time you’ll see, directly or on an Italian or foreign interior design magazine, on Our Website, on our Facebook page or on Instagram, a picture of one l’Opificio fabric, cushion or quilt, you could see beyond the image and think about how long time and how much passion they keep in them.

Passion in the creation of patterns, colours and yarn’s selection, always of very high quality, ‘cause we don’t use Formaldehyde in our production.

Time, always long, from the starting idea to the finished fabric, rich in afterthoughts and improvements, as well as in countless weaving tests.

At this time you just have to start the video and find out Lovely, our new collection. Enjoy it!

Barbara Bertoldo

maison & objet paris

l’Opificio at Scenes d’Interieur – Maison&Objet september 2015

l'Opificio M&O

From 4th to 8th September
Scènes d’Intérieur – Maison&Objet september 2015
Hall 7 — Stand I78/J77

l’Opificio at Scènes d’Intérieur: let yoursef be amazed!

l’Opificio will propose the New Textile Collections 2016: timeless designs, sober lines and colours; a celebration of the Italian Handmade High Quality.
New colours will performe new amazing mixes and contrasts, fine wefts, a soft and enveloping warm sensation for all senses: this is our #softuniverse.

…but l’Opificio never stops and we have some other news!

This year at l’Opificio stand we will introduce Francesco Della Femina and his creations: an Artist and an Architect with a marked Italian style linked to the warmth and beauty of his birthplace, Capri.

Moreover, l’Opificio Wallpaper Collection by Inkiostro Bianco will be co-protagonist of the shown environments.

l'Opificio è a Homi settmbre 2015

l’Opificio Lifestyle at HOMI

From 12th to 15th September 2015
Fiera Milano, Rho
Hall 10 Stand E30 CREAZIONI

HOMI-Il Salone degli Stili di Vita this year represents the idea of an exhibition built around and for the people. In particular the Hall 10, HOMI CREAZIONI DESIGN, gathers those peculiar Italian realities which better seize the innovation essence and the hand made “savoir faire” concept.

In this context, l’Opificio will propose its #velvetphilosophy lifestyle: innovation and research of new styles and materials merge with Italian Textile High Quality Tradition in order to create new collections, colours and designs.

It is a world where the Fabric is Art and raw material of unique Handmade Creations: we don’t talk only about decoration and furnishing, but also of love for beauty and care for details, the creation of a space telling stories of warmth and welcome.
The creation of a #softuniverse where to feel ‘at home’.

New Textile Collections and new designs for Soft Furnishing that are something more: this is the l’Opificio philosophy at HOMI 2015!