l'Opificio velluto tessuto con il pelo

Discover the VELVET = hair fabric

The hair is what marks the velvet from the other fabrics.

Velvet is the fabric which, more than the others, with is soft touch, brushes our senses with intensity.

The unified velvet (also called smooth or cut) contemporary production is achieved with the double piece technique and the obtained velvets are then submitted to different finishing treatments.

For example, a lot of velvets produced on double piece looms are first dyed in piece and then finished with special ravelling, trimming and polishing machines in order to achieve a perfectly uniform hair, the typical softness to the touch and brightness.

velluto: tocco soffice per accarezzare con intensita in nostri sensi

Not all the velvets are the same, the differences depend, first of all, on the chosen yarns for the hair weaving, which are determining for the brightness and softness.

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