A warm and relaxed environment, the crackling hearth, the snow on the roofs outside. Soak in the atmosphere of your mountain home, relax on your sofa with a book after skiing, take a hot bath after a walk in the woods but also enjoy the luxury of wrapping yourself in the soft and warm embrace of our rich fabrics.

l'Opificio dedicates the Alpine Interior collection to these moments bringing together the best of traditional Italian textiles: natural fibres such as raw linen and Merino wool, refined taste and precious 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship.


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Peace Collection

Decorative cushions for mountain home decoration
Textile Collections for mountain house furnishing

Alpage Collection

Outside the high mountains immaculate landscape, inside a warm heart made ​​of soft and comfortable fabrics where to slip into a restoring rest: the mountain house is a refuge and the Alpage collection makes it precious and elegant.

Designs inspired by traditional mountain art, symbols, full of history and small alpine architecture, romantic chalets that tell of ancient looms weaving natural fibers blanks.

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Textile furnishing for mountain houses
Cushions and fabrics for mountain home decoration