Open House copertina l'Opificio

Open House Torino 2017

Turin first Open House edition: a great success

The first edition of Turin Open House has just been concluded, and it has been a real success! The format, developed from an idea of Victoria Thorton, was presented for the first time in London over 25 years ago. It allows visiting architectonic beauties that normally would not be open to the public free of charge.

After Rome and Milan, Turin has chosen to participate to this initiative, which involves more than 30 cities in the world, achieving a far larger success then expected.
Thousands of people, regardless of the heat of these days of June, have visited liberty houses and historic buildings, gardens and reconverted industrial constructions.
Here the hard facts: 111 open houses of which 40% private, 37000 visits, all this made it possible thanks to 300 volunteers.

The wide cultural offer proposed by Turin has enabled the creation of thematic circuit alike “Looking at Turin from above” or “discovering green areas”: parks and gardens which have been developed in old industrial areas.
Very interesting the surprising and unusual sustainable architecture of Verde25: a kind of vertical forest where 63 families live in a building with more than 200 different kinds of trees and plants.

Among the most interesting circuits, the one dedicated to the religious places for example the synagogue and the San Pelagia church, the latter being connected to the Augustinian secluded nunnery, the antique residences or the reconverted industrial areas.
Maybe this latter circuit has been one of the most appreciated: in fact there are few towns that have reacted to the great economical crisis of the last decade as Turin did, reconverting its industrial areas.
Few examples like the ex-Tobler, originally the famous Toblerone industry and today a residential apartment building or the Lanificio di Torino, that after more than 70 years of activity, nowadays it has been restructured hosting about 120 artisan activities. Very interesting Casa Ozanam: an old smeltery has been transformed in a residential area for students and workers, a co-working area and, the plane roof, has been reconverted in a common vegetable garden OrtoAlto, officially opened in May.

The first Turin Open House has been such a success that the date of the next edition has been already fixed: 9-10th June 2018. All goals have been achieved: thousands of people were able to visit places normally closed to visitors, better understanding the transformation undergone by the Savoy town, which, maintaining the elegance and Italian style that mark since ever Turin, as been able to propose and promote a new vision, interpreting at best the spirit of a changing time.

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Photo credits (25 Verde) Michele D'Ottavio, (Casa Hollywood) Luca Ballarini.

Collezione tessile LOVELY

l’Opificio fabrics tell about: Lovely, news 2015

Every meter of l’Opificio fabrics tells about the Made in Italy know-how, made of culture, elegance, technical know-how, design and Italian savoir faire.

Every new collection is the result of a long work that we always carry out with a big love, in order to reach each time fabrics and velvets that not only follow the design, but that, first of all, we feel as ours and we’re glad to give to our public.

Lovely, the new collection first shown at Maison&Objet Paris and at Homi Milano, combines two patterns, Fioca and Puzzle, which play with macro yarn and blended shades. Fabrics that are contemporary in their design and colours, but also cozy and pleasant.

It’s a pleasure for us to let you know part of the work we did and to show you the production’s making of of the new fabric, Lovely. Production that our Italian technicians carry out with method and passion, year after year and day after day.

And so, each time you’ll see, directly or on an Italian or foreign interior design magazine, on Our Website, on our Facebook page or on Instagram, a picture of one l’Opificio fabric, cushion or quilt, you could see beyond the image and think about how long time and how much passion they keep in them.

Passion in the creation of patterns, colours and yarn’s selection, always of very high quality, ‘cause we don’t use Formaldehyde in our production.

Time, always long, from the starting idea to the finished fabric, rich in afterthoughts and improvements, as well as in countless weaving tests.

At this time you just have to start the video and find out Lovely, our new collection. Enjoy it!

Barbara Bertoldo

maison & objet paris

l’Opificio at Scenes d’Interieur – Maison&Objet september 2015

l'Opificio M&O

From 4th to 8th September
Scènes d’Intérieur – Maison&Objet september 2015
Hall 7 — Stand I78/J77

l’Opificio at Scènes d’Intérieur: let yoursef be amazed!

l’Opificio will propose the New Textile Collections 2016: timeless designs, sober lines and colours; a celebration of the Italian Handmade High Quality.
New colours will performe new amazing mixes and contrasts, fine wefts, a soft and enveloping warm sensation for all senses: this is our #softuniverse.

…but l’Opificio never stops and we have some other news!

This year at l’Opificio stand we will introduce Francesco Della Femina and his creations: an Artist and an Architect with a marked Italian style linked to the warmth and beauty of his birthplace, Capri.

Moreover, l’Opificio Wallpaper Collection by Inkiostro Bianco will be co-protagonist of the shown environments.

l'Opificio è a Homi settmbre 2015

l’Opificio Lifestyle at HOMI

From 12th to 15th September 2015
Fiera Milano, Rho
Hall 10 Stand E30 CREAZIONI

HOMI-Il Salone degli Stili di Vita this year represents the idea of an exhibition built around and for the people. In particular the Hall 10, HOMI CREAZIONI DESIGN, gathers those peculiar Italian realities which better seize the innovation essence and the hand made “savoir faire” concept.

In this context, l’Opificio will propose its #velvetphilosophy lifestyle: innovation and research of new styles and materials merge with Italian Textile High Quality Tradition in order to create new collections, colours and designs.

It is a world where the Fabric is Art and raw material of unique Handmade Creations: we don’t talk only about decoration and furnishing, but also of love for beauty and care for details, the creation of a space telling stories of warmth and welcome.
The creation of a #softuniverse where to feel ‘at home’.

New Textile Collections and new designs for Soft Furnishing that are something more: this is the l’Opificio philosophy at HOMI 2015!


Slobs Casa is the first network in Italy, born in Milan but with an international vocation, that represent the excellence of the new Made in Italy craftmanship. l’Opificio is part of this project since its foundation, we are happy now to invite you to the event thought for the Milan Design Week 2015.

Slobs Casa has mixed beauty with gold and, in occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2015, presents: “Golden Age: a golden era for the excellence of Italian craftsmanship”. A collection of golden furniture and home furnishing products that combine Italian artisan quality with beauty and creativity will be previewed.

Slobs Casa
Largo Francesco Richini 2, Milano,
April 14th-19th  (Opening: Monday 13th, 6.00 pm)


FUORISALONE is the Network of Creative Countercurrent swimming. A synergistic network that creates connections between the creativity of designers, the know-how of the companies and the potential of design products.

This year l’Opificio is part of this network!

We will be participating at this forthcoming event in the exclusive FuoriSalmone Loft, in the heart of Ventura Design District.

FUORISALMONE Design Week 2015

Loft FuoriSalmone
14th-19th April 2015

Milano _ Ventura Design District _ Via Massimiano 25


A fascinating animalier texture, precious finishes and a strong personality design evoking the atmosphere of other times: Levelarmchair by Vibieffe is perfectly upholstered by l’Opificio fabrics. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2014, the historic company, renowned for his upholstered furniture, choses ZUU collection to make his seats even more refined.

002 001

Dries Van Noten: Inspirations

The work of the belgian fashion designer, Dries Van Noten, is featured at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.


This is the very first exhibition devoted to the artist’s work where Dries Van Noten takes us on an intimate journey into his artistic universe, he reveals the singularity of his creative process which he illustrates with his various and numerous sources of inspiration. An exhibition that embraces all his interior world and reveals the uniqueness of his creative process through the eclecticism of its universe of signs, shapes and colors settled in his mind, his cultural and aesthetic references.
The exhibition, open until the end of August, is the opportunity to see, perfectly mixed with the creations of Van Noten, masterpieces by important artists such as Bronzino, Kees Van Dongen, Yves Klein, Victor Vasarely, Francis Bacon, Elizabeth Peyton and Damien Hirst.

Dries Van Noten – Inspirations
March 1st – August 31st 2014
Muséé des Art décoratifs – Paris


Palazzo Grassi is hosting a very special project, an exhibition that explains the friendship between an artist and one of the most important and and influential contemporary art’s collector. It’s the personal exhibition of Rudolf Stingel in the François Pinault’s Foundation, one the most fascinating palace in Venice.

Stingel, an Italian artist based in New York, shows all his expressing universe placing in a place rich of history a selection of artworks with a romantic spirit inside and perfectly in accordance with the palace. The walls of the foundations are the surface where the artist expresses himself, floors and ceilings are completely covered by a moquette that reproduces an antique Transilvanian carpet found in an oriental book of manufacturings. Photos and paintings complete the exhibition’s narrative that tells about a life in the art’s world through Biennials and important museum worldwide.
More than 5.000 square meters are dedicated to discover Rudolf Stingel. Visit it, you’re in time till the 6th of January.




Until 6th of January, 2014
Palazzo Grassi – François Pinault Foundation

Collecting Textiles!

Which are the spirit and the motivations of a fabric’s collector? What drives him to try and rack up textile articles without ever being satisfied? Collecting Textiles, the book edited by Margaret Rosina published by Allemandi, gives a series of answers leading the reader in beautiful travel between different kinds of textile collections. With an introduction that gives a significant portrait of the collector Antonio Ratti (which includes an essay by Thomas P. Campbell, director of the Metropolitan Museum in New York), the volume continues with interesting speeches and unpublished images.

This particular way of collecting is explained through three key themes: the figure of the collector (Annette Schiek’s Deutsche Textilmuseum Krefeld, Aurélie Samuel Musée Guimet of Paris, Maria Paola Ruffino’s Civic Museum of Ancient Art in Turin and Seth Siegelaub, founder of Stichting Egress Foundation), the identity of the collections and the birth of the textile museums (Angela Völker the MAK in Vienna, Jacqueline Jacqué the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes Mulhouse, Eulalia Morral of the Centre de Romeu Documentaciò the Museu Tèxtil Terrasa and Filippo Guarini of the Textile Museum of Prato), and finally the complex problem of exposure of textiles (Magdalena Droste, a student of the Bauhaus textiles Sonnet Stanfill and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London).

A beautiful book and a great way to learn about the history of the fabric… enjoy the reading to you all!

Collecting Textiles
Patrons Collections Museums
by Margherita Rosina
2013 – Ed. Allemandi & C., Torino