Profumo - l’Opificio Interior Fragrance

l’Opificio Interior Fragrance: the uniqueness of a scent

l’Opificio and Tonatto Profumi, two torinese brands of excellence, join together for an exclusive perfume

Metaphor of excellence and liberty, only few things are able to touch the human soul and senses like a perfume. As a scent is exactly that: a subliminal language which overcomes any rule and rationality to address directly the emotional mind, evoking memories, dreams and emotions that are deeply rooted in each of us, that belong only to us and are grounded with our most inner matrix.

Though as nowadays the experience of beauty goes beyond any limit among different codex, l’Opificio is very proud to present Opificio Interior Fragrance, a scent exclusively designed by Tonatto Profumi, famous torinese maison, known all over the world to have create the fragrances for famous international jet set as Queen Elisabeth of England and Carolina di Monaco.

Famous for having given birth again to lost scents alike l’Acqua Siriana of the 1century a.C. or Cleopatra perfume-, which has been re-created thanks to the study of antique papyrus – in her Turin and Rome olfactory galleries, Tonatto, has combined modernity with tradition, conceiving an experience that allows to overcome specific artistic forms.

The choice of a well renowned laboratory, which has the same care for the scent as l’Opificio for its textile creations, has allowed to create a fragrance which interprets at best the wonderful feeling of a perfect textile, the endearing magic of a beautiful velvet, of a dear memory or a special unique moment.

The result of the collaboration of Paola and Barbara Bertoldo with Daniela Tonatto is l’ Opificio Interior Fragrance, a versatile fragrance based on exclusive and precious natural essence, that can be used directly on the textiles, as it respect their preciousness, and also be worn daily on the skin.

Opificio Interior Fragrance is proposed in two versions – shanghai and spray – 200 and 250ml. It has a warm thus reassuring persistent aroma, a contemporary interpretation though timeless.

mariko kusumoto sculpure

Mariko Kusumoto: the preciousness of textile art

Mariko Kusumoto, an eclectic Japanese living in Massachusetts, has started her artistic life working with metal. She used to create complex, thus minute sceneries, using the heat to shape copper and bronze to her fantasy. Then she decided to experiment for her art something completely different, almost opposite.

Where strength was required to shape the metal masterpieces giving neat and unmistakable results, textile represents an innovative, light almost evanescent alternative: a new challenge.

Based on the antique Kanzashi tradition where the Japanese women use to arrange wonderful hairstyles, Kasumoto started to elaborate silk and acrylic yarns, transforming them in brilliant jewels, transparent cases of small wonders, kaleidoscopic landscapes of jellyfishes and sea anemones; true sculptures to be wearing and to make a dress precious.

Accessories and piece of arts, which seem to arise from the deepness of the oceans. Masterpieces in front of which arises a sense of childish wonder, as if the artist would have given shape to our most intimate dreams taken us into a world of levity were everything is possible.

We are fascinated by Mariko Kusumoto art, as it is pure emotion. It is the spreading wings of the creative process, even more magnified by the lightness of the material used. Silk, yarns and above all polyester that, robust thus delicate, it is perfect for the modelling process.

Fascinated by the beauty of nature and the Japanese culture, the artist affirms that she is inspired by anything that attracts her. Through her elaboration process, she donates a new evanescent life, being a seascape or a contemporary horror film.

Mariko Kusumoto works are placed in important public and private collections; her works have won many important awards such as the Niche Awards, The Grant, Massachusetts Cultural Council and the Juror’s Awards, Craft Forms 2015.

They are actually on exposition at the Mobilia Gallery – Cambridge.

Game of Thrones: Sansa wears Treccia fabric, a l’Opificio creation

We are pleased and honoured that the magnificent wedding dress of Sansa, one of the main characters of the TV series Game of Thrones , has been realized with Treccia fabric from l’Opificio Vocalese collection.
It took one year of study, design and tests to create such a fabric. A special two-weft lampas, which makes the fabric final result unique both to the sight and to the touch.
In the last episode of season 5 (Mother’s Merci), beautiful Sansa is forced to marry cruel Ramsay Bolton. For this occasion, Michele Clapton, costume designer and maker of Westeros and Essos fashion, who worked together with Michele Carragher, creator of beautiful embroidery, chose Treccia fabric to convey the approaching of winter and to underline Sansa’s social role.

Collezione Vocalese Treccia

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series, born as TV adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels.
The series is set on a fictional world, composed by the western (Westeros) and the eastern continent (Essos). The biggest and more civilized centre of the western continent is the capital city King’s Landing, where there is the Seven Kingdoms’ Iron Throne. The series chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among the realm's noble families for the Iron Throne, full of murky power plays.
The series conquered millions of fans all over the world thanks to its plot, epic characters and to the alternation of human and rough fantasy elements.
Furthermore, it has received widespread acclaim by critics, particularly for its acting, complex characters, story, scope, and production values, although its frequent use of nudity, violence, and sexual violence has attracted criticism.
The series has won 26 Primetime Emmy Awards, becoming one of most rewarded TV series by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Collezione Vocalese Treccia
Collezione tessile LOVELY

l’Opificio fabrics tell about: Lovely, news 2015

Every meter of l’Opificio fabrics tells about the Made in Italy know-how, made of culture, elegance, technical know-how, design and Italian savoir faire.

Every new collection is the result of a long work that we always carry out with a big love, in order to reach each time fabrics and velvets that not only follow the design, but that, first of all, we feel as ours and we’re glad to give to our public.

Lovely, the new collection first shown at Maison&Objet Paris and at Homi Milano, combines two patterns, Fioca and Puzzle, which play with macro yarn and blended shades. Fabrics that are contemporary in their design and colours, but also cozy and pleasant.

It’s a pleasure for us to let you know part of the work we did and to show you the production’s making of of the new fabric, Lovely. Production that our Italian technicians carry out with method and passion, year after year and day after day.

And so, each time you’ll see, directly or on an Italian or foreign interior design magazine, on Our Website, on our Facebook page or on Instagram, a picture of one l’Opificio fabric, cushion or quilt, you could see beyond the image and think about how long time and how much passion they keep in them.

Passion in the creation of patterns, colours and yarn’s selection, always of very high quality, ‘cause we don’t use Formaldehyde in our production.

Time, always long, from the starting idea to the finished fabric, rich in afterthoughts and improvements, as well as in countless weaving tests.

At this time you just have to start the video and find out Lovely, our new collection. Enjoy it!

Barbara Bertoldo


Dress your sofa and make your curtains with the l’Opificio velvet: they will become more beautiful over the time.

Live them day after day, breathing, the fine natural fibres will get a special only yours nuance.
Thanks to their long duration they will be your inseparable and indispensable life partner.
You can serenely live with your family the l’Opificio velvet: it is healthy and completely formaldehyde free.

Try the real velvet experience and its unique sound.