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The Fabric Company l'Opificio

A universe of exclusive textiles and velvets available in a wide range of high quality, handmade sartorial accessories. unique items that with each season evoke ever new images, moments and atmospheres but conserve a strong identity which will not fade with time.
Style and quality are the strongholds of the lʼOpificio family company which has an international presence in over 40 countries through a network of unique and selected retail stores.

Working together, aiming for Made in Italy excellence is our greatest source of pride: lʼOpificio is first of all a family, a place to project and share values, objectives and goals founded in 1998 and born from the passion for textiles of two sisters, Paola and Barbara Bertoldo. A company with its heart in Turin and which in more than fifteen years of experience has kept the elegance of tradition together with the most innovative expressions for the contemporary home.