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Petite, practical, with a concrete aptitude and an innate curiosity for the nature of things, Barbara Bertoldo is the creative director of lʼOpificio. Born in Turin, where she attended the historic Art Institute for Fashion and Costume, she successfully collaborated for a long time with some of the best known companies in the fashion industry. A personal and professional experience that has formed a woman and a designer with many cultural interests and irresistible, pragmatic communicative skills.

With the support of her sister Paola in 1998 she made the great decision: to have total freedom of expression and to create a new design dimension with a strong identity. With lOpificio she opened a new chapter, a chance to get involved and to experiment.

Her creations are the expression of an innate sensitivity to beauty and of a constant and careful research that looks at design and fashion. With humour and an extraordinary personal coherence, her collections seem to play a sophisticated game between similarities and contrasts and are designed to make harmonic and unconventional combinations.

"I’m looking for a essential and understated elegance which can be free from fads and trends. Instinct and passion lead my research "


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Yellow, green and rust palette

Mustard Chic

Gold Sensation

Gold, coppery,
teal blue:
bright touches
mixed with
sumptuous textures
and dark tones.
Gold sensation!