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Exclusive Brands Torino is a network of business promoted by the Torino Industrial Union for the development and promotion of a selection of local high-quality brands and products on international markets.

There are 15 founding members, all operating in a variety of sectors - from jewellery to the food sector, wines and liqueurs, fashion and design, textiles, publishing, and even essential oils and perfumes - all sharing a selected clientele and strong international tendencies, distinguished for the quality of their products and services, all of which fall into the luxury range, and are particularly outstanding for their creativity, innovation, and research.

Together with other influential companies based in Piedmont, l’Opificio is part of Exclusive Brands Torino, the first network in Italy created to develop the internationalization of its members.

We work together to promote our brand, values ​​and the excellences of our territory, to share strategies and commercial experiences.