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High quality standards, the use of the noblest natural fibres, a rich and vibrant palette: lʼOpificio Furnishing Velvets are the key factor of a process coming from a long textile tradition. Silk Velvets, Linen Velvets, Cotton Velvets, Kid-Mohair Velvets and Viscose Velvets. The softest and the most precious of fabrics, the most nuanced, a classic that has left a trace in the history of the interior decoration. It is available in over 200 colours.

Fire Retardant Velvet Collection

The Fire Retardant Velvet Collection is designed to satisfy Contract Industry needs, made in accordance with the main international safety requirements and in compliance with all laws and regulations relating to the protection of man and the environment. Our Fire Retardant Velvets are Certified Classe 1 Italia.

Velvet tells stories about Luxury and Royalty, with its brilliant Colors and its warm softness.


A Fabric that has marked the history of Home Decoration

Living the Silk Velvet is an experience that speaks to all the senses, stirs emotions and represent all the Made in Italy know how.

The finest fabric is synonymous of tradition and innovation, precious symbol of the unbreakable connection between haute couture and design, the protagonist in the history of fashion and luxury design, glamour and classic at the same time.

l’Opificio Silk Velvet is a fluid material created to wrap the most stylish interiors, a luxury detail available in thirty vibrant shades.

Soft, shiny, invaluable, the result of sophisticated weaving processes: Silk is one of the most Noble and Elegant Fibers.

l'Opificio silk velvet has 100% silk pile and 100% cotton base, available in 33 colour variants.

l'Opificio silk velvet has 100% silk pile and 100% cotton base, available in 33 colours variants. The refined elegance of a precious fibre in a rich timeless palette: to dress the most chic interiors.

l’Opificio 100% cotton velvet is available in 55 brilliant colours, soft and fascinating gives to the interiors an elegant bon-ton touch.

Pile 100% Kid-Mohair wool, available in 11 colour shades. Brightness and comfort for every seasons maximum durability: the formidable characteristics of the purest fibre.

l'Opificio linen velvet, 100% linen pile and 100% cotton base, is offered in a rich colour palette. More than 30 dusty shades with a refined rustic-chic allure.

The l’Opificio viscose velvet: 20 elegant and contemporary colour variants for a silk effect velvet with particular crease resistance quality.