Recycling and cooperation

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l’Opificio presents Cushions “Bien au cœur”

The ethical fashion market is expanding thanks to a new ecological consciousness. The recycling of materials represents a new frontier for  the textile industry.

The new trend is confirmed by the initiatives of many important fashion designers. Ilaria Venturini Fendi has created Carmina Campus, a strong ethical-chic influenced brand. Bags, accessories, interior decoration and design complements realized using discarded materials.

The great “eco-wave” flooding the globe is also evidenced by the birth of new associations such as Atelier del Riciclo, promoting “no-waste” fashion with events like “swap-parties”, where it is possible to swap used clothes and accessories.

The current changes concern not only the appearance and the materials used, but also the philosophy of companies. In time of crisis important values like solidarity and mutual support become important again. The “cooperation”, suggested by Nelly Rody, has been one of the leit-motivs of  Maison&Objet Jan 2010: unite energies to create the future.

The cushions “Bien au cœur” presented by l’Opificio contain these new trends.

Glamour cushions initially created with remnant fabrics of the main production. Their hand-crafted production has been committed to one of our laboratories going through a difficult period.

Recycling, cooperation and design in a unique creation.

In a time of crisis what is better than a production optimizing fabrics and avoiding waste without forgoing taste?