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The colorful life of the designer Barbara Bertoldo

Barbara Bertoldo talks about herself and her job through colors in the interview of the blogger Carlotta Berta at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

It has been established that colors have a great influence on the mood and on the psychophysical state of people. Our brain suffer the impact of their different shades activating different chemical reactions that can increase or decrease the production of hormones by stimulating emotions and moods such as sadness or cheerfulness.


The “power of colors” is used in chromotherapy, an alternative medicine that uses colors as a therapy for the treatement of diseases. According to the supporters of chromotherapy, colors help the body and the psyche to find again their natural balance and they have physical and psychic effects that can stimulate the body and calm certain symptoms.


In the same way this concept can also be applied to marketing: in a famous study of 2006, called “Impact of Color in Marketing”, the researchers have shown that the 90% of decisions about the impulse on the purchase of a product can be conditioned by the colors.


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l’Opificio at Milano prêt-à-porter: women’s fashion Fall/Winter 2010

Milan fashion catwalk from 26 February to 1 March has modelled the new Fall/Winter 2010 collection.


One of the objectives of Milano prêt-à-porter is to bring fashion closer to other excellences of Made in Italy. Milano prêt-à-porter has always had the merit of offering the maximum possible of service with the maximum of visibility for visitors and exhibitors.

Quality of the raw materials, high level of workmanship and creativity contribute to the success of an event with high level of interest throughout the world. An ample vision projected towards the future.

In the scope of the celebrations for the ten years since the foundation of the company, l’Opificio has participated at the event as a guest of Guido Gallovich. The young designer has put at the disposition of “design-oriented” companies a commercial and communicative platform offering a new way of participating in international fairs.

l’Opificio has already participated in United Color of Macef, a section under the care of Gallovich during the Macef Milan fair in January: a selection of fancy goods and furnishing complements with the capacity to communicate the expressive content of their design through color, creating a complete sensorial harmony between the products exhibited.