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The colorful life of the designer Barbara Bertoldo

Barbara Bertoldo talks about herself and her job through colors in the interview of the blogger Carlotta Berta at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

It has been established that colors have a great influence on the mood and on the psychophysical state of people. Our brain suffer the impact of their different shades activating different chemical reactions that can increase or decrease the production of hormones by stimulating emotions and moods such as sadness or cheerfulness.


The “power of colors” is used in chromotherapy, an alternative medicine that uses colors as a therapy for the treatement of diseases. According to the supporters of chromotherapy, colors help the body and the psyche to find again their natural balance and they have physical and psychic effects that can stimulate the body and calm certain symptoms.


In the same way this concept can also be applied to marketing: in a famous study of 2006, called “Impact of Color in Marketing”, the researchers have shown that the 90% of decisions about the impulse on the purchase of a product can be conditioned by the colors.


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Moodboard Ultra Violet

Pantone Ultra Violet color of the year, Monet protagonist of the moodboard 2018

Pantone 18-3838 was elected color of the year. Carlotta Berta talks about it in her Blog, inspired, for the moodboard, by the fabric of the l'opificio's collections.


Claude Monet, loved french impressionist who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth century, in the last decade of his life he found himself having to overcome the cataract, illness that prevented him from a clear vision and a correct perception of the colors, things that made painting difficult for him. After several operations to which he underwent he managed to see again but with the ability to perceive ultraviolets ray.

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With Harridge cloth cuttings, newspaper and thin paper wood or plastic paper, Francesca Lupo realizes beautiful collages. Her artworks are scenographies made with paper and fabric: reinvented collages put together to create spaces and interiors inspired to 1950s design.

In her artworks -especially the ones representing interiors scenes- objects and decors, such as stamps turning into paintings hanged to the walls, fragments of handwritten letters or old magazines turning into wallpaper, are the finishing details. Details that want to lead the observer on a travel through time, even beyond the painting itself.

For Francesca Lupo the pure artistic expression, which during years has been essential and silent nourishment of her passion for architecture, with which has played and experimented, is expressed and becomes art for the first time at Paratissima 2012.
There is where she got the first recognition for her art and she has been chosen within the 15 best artists of the exhibition. Since then, she started participating to several collective exhibitions in art galleries of Turin, Bari, Genoa, and then, finally, in February 2015, London.