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The lodge is located along the bank of the Cancano dyke, an artificial pond near Bormio - North Italy, built in the first half of 20th century in order to generate electricity for the whole region of Lombardy. That valley, the Fraele Towers Valley, where there are ruins of the two World Wars, is an enchanted area, which is –unbelievably- still not provided with electricity and land line.
The complete absence of light pollution and this warmly welcome “isolation” make it magical, especially at dusk, part of the day in which it feels like being immersed in an ambience of yesteryear.

The establishment of the lodge goes back to 1970’s, owners’ second generation recently refurbished it completely, using ancient wood and refined furniture sought with passion over the years throughout the Alps.
Whereas the armchairs in the living room are original and date back to 1970’s. The objects in the lodge, result of research and careful selection, come mostly from the family-owned shop specialized in mountain home décor.
Textile complements have been entrusted to the solid experience of the Turin based company owned by family friends, well appreciated in the world of high end decoration.
The lodge is a place built and decorated with love: love for the place, for its origin and its family history; a cozy shelter, realized with passion and dedication, considered by everyone a place of the heart and soul.

Alpine Interiors on Images

 Close your eyes and try to imagine  a magnificent alpine scene, the soft mantle of snow and skiing on the mountains … an enchanting vision.

 And after a day passed on the snow the dream is to take refuge in a warm rustic interior, but welcoming like those found in the winter edition of “Images” magazine: the lady of the house, with the hobby of interior decorating, has chosen l’Opificio creations.

The Alpine Interiors line presents itself in all its forms: fabrics, table linen, bed linen, cushions and quilts.

In this way  a magical atmosphere comes to your chalet.



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