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900-minutes quilt

No less than 15 hours of production are needed to realize each l’Opificio quilt, which carry with them the timeless style of sartorial pieces.

First comes the design, then cutting, sewing, ironing, final hand-stitching and quality control: who steps into a Boutique and choose a l’Opificio piece feels like going to a tailor’s shop.

In fact, the keyword of all l’Opificio soft furnishing is “tailor-made”. Generally, this concept is strictly linked to fashion and haute-couture worlds, but, these worlds’ typical attention to details is kept in every cushion, quilt or curtains made by l’Opificio tailors’ expert hands. It’s this virtuosity that creates those timeless style pieces, unique creations expressly designed for special interiors.

The tailoring of this pieces only uses l’Opificio velvet and fabric exclusive collections, which are guarantee of an high quality Made in Italy, absolutely without formaldehyde.