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Sartorial quality

We love the details and we understand the desire to be unique, the love of home couture and the ability to recognize the value of handmade quality: for this reason we believe that to create customized items is a precious opportunity.

A service aimed at those who want to dress to perfection their home, finding the right personality and breaking free from the logic of mass production.

The bespoke tailoring of quilts, bedspreads, pillows and decorative textiles is put into experienced hands who dedicate time, care and devotion to each article, special and different from anything mass produced.

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Bespoke fabrics



With the support of our designers is possible to create entire fabric and velvet collections.

We offer our clients the opportunity to work with our creative team to select yarns, design patterns and to choose colours to create entire tailor-made textile project.

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lʼOpificio design studio is an expanded group of experts composed of various professionals with a deep knowledge in the field of interior design and who share the same values. They respond to the desire to project beautiful objects and to tes innovative solutions. A mission that requires time and passion and springs from the desire to create an authentic and intimate dialogue between the textile components and all the elements that transform a simple space into a welcoming interior.

We believe that empathy among places and those who live there is indispensable and we know that to design is to have the responsibility to of establishing this link. Sensitivity, care and above all, the equality of our products are what make our customers happy.




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