мохер бархата

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Pile 100% Kid-Mohair wool, available in 11 colour shades.

The Kid Mohair is the fibre obtained from the first shearing of the Angora goats, which takes place within the first ten months of life. They are the finest and beautiful lots representing only the 19% of total annual production.

Brightness, supreme comfort in every season, maximum durability: to have the privilege of relishing intact the formidable qualities of the purest fibre is a privilege that l’Opificio offers to its more refined and demanding clientele.

l'Opificio silk velvet has 100% silk pile and 100% cotton base, available in 33 colours variants.

l’Opificio 100% cotton velvet is available in 55 brilliant colours, soft and fascinating gives to the interiors an elegant bon-ton touch.

Pile 100% Kid-Mohair wool, available in 11 colour shades.

l'Opificio linen velvet, 100% linen pile and 100% cotton base, is offered in a rich colour palette. More than 30 dusty shades with a refined rustic-chic allure.

l’Opificio viscose velvet: 20 elegant and contemporary colour variants for a silk effect velvet with particular crease resistance quality.