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Wallpaper Collection is an original re-interpretation of the wallpaper concept through which l’Opificio aims to set free the fabric from its texture gaining the chance of enveloping all the surfaces. Walls, ceilings and floors become the essential elements for establishing an engaging and unusual decorative experience where the relief is an illusion and the colours are vivid and extraordinarily deep.

The paper and the fabric, the uniqueness of the design and of the texture are perfectly combined giving a new expressive way to live the space with a new and elegant intensity.


The Wallpaper Collection is developed in collaboration with Inkiostro Bianco, a leader company in the production of artistic and made to measure wallpaper. It is on vinyl paper, for the walls, or in glass fibre - a certified Mapei product - which guarantees high performances on the floors and in the bathrooms.




AMODO is an innovative cover solution that can make a wall, the headboard of a bed or a floor strongly emotional surfaces, combination of functionality and aesthetics. It is a new project come to life from a research process including a wide suggestion universe, and above all from the creativity and the great experience of two complementary companies, l’Opificio and Rugine.

The great l’Opificio proposal, a rich collection of fabrics and velvets, and a large folder materials ranging from wood to metal, to the mirrored finishes, allows new combinations and above all the ability to create unique solutions that enhance the interiors personality.

The high quality of the components and the realization of each module, make of AMODO a unique design proposal.