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l’Opificio fabrics, velvets, quilts, cushions and soft furnishing collections are ambassador of the Italian lifestyle all over the world.

l’Opificio textile collections are expression of quality, family heritage and passion.

l’Opificio was established from inception with the aim to create unique collections for interiors that represent at best the Made in Italy and the location where l’Opificio has its roots, Piedmont.

A region rich in elegance, history, culture and understated wealth: the bound between l’Opificio and Piedmont is irresistible and permanent, a muse of creative and refined inspiration.

A family company where passion is combined with the different expertises: Paola’s management, Barbara fantasy and Federico’s organisational capacity. A guarantee to the client of a service with quality, ethical approach and continuity.

In this manner prestigious fabrics and velvets take life for unique interiors, with an aesthetic idea based on culture, elegance and harmony and a special attention to the use of the colour in the living spaces.

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Fabrics and velvets and bespoke soft furnishing

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To talk about Made in Italy means to select the best high quality fibres to create fabrics, velvets and soft furnishing to the highest standards, respecting the tradition of the Italian high quality craftsmanship.

l’Opificio fabrics and velvets collection are produced with natural fibres, masterfully worked and embellished with details and unique patterns.

Each l’Opificio soft furnishing is cut and sewn applying antique sartorial techniques, typical of the quality 100% Made in Italy. A long and careful process required creating valuable fabrics, velvets and soft furnishing.

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Silk, linen, cotton, wool and viscose: we use only carefully selected fibre that do respect the environment and the human being, to provide our clients with high quality products.

This is the reason for which l’Opificio products do not contain formaldehyde, a highly toxic substance used in the textile sector as anti-crease. It is a harmful substance present in our homes, dangerous for our health.

l’Opificio doesn’t accept any compromise, therefore has developed alternative techniques to produce textile for interiors of the highest quality respectful of the human being and environment.

l’Opifcio textiles do not contain any formaldehyde or toxic substances.

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Fabrics and velvets and bespoke soft furnishing


With the support of our interior designer Barbara Bertoldo we can develop for you dedicated fabrics and velvets collections.

We offer our clients to collaborate with our creative team in the selection of the fibre, the development of the pattern and in the chromatic choices to produce a bespoke textile collection.

The customised textile service is dedicated to the professionals only who want to create personalised projects with the support of our Interior Designer. With l’Opificio it is possible to create unique bespoke curtains, personalised bed throws or bedcovers, cushions and home accents, made with the most attention to detail to create unique and exclusive items.

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