Home Accents


Home Accents


The precious l’Opificio soft furnishings grant personality and style to any interiors. Pouf, curtains and rugs are meant to decorate living and relax areas.

Our interior accessories include unique exclusive Wallpapers Collections that dress the walls with a sophisticated touch.

As all the other l’Opificio products, our interior accessories witness the Italian tradition, that take shape through the research of very high-end materials, and exceptional and caring finishing techniques.

Luxurious accessories must seduce your senses and win your sight over.

Our pouf, rugs and curtains are jewelleries of luxury and elegance that enhance the style of the interiors.



The comfort of the pouf in the living room or in the bedroom: l’Opificio poufs are refined and practical, made of high-quality textiles.

Our collections are the result of the creativity of our art director Barbara Bertoldo, that mixed and matched different kind of textiles to craft very original and versatile poufs.

l’Opificio offers to the professionals a dedicated bespoke service for the pouf.  Form, dimensions, design and textiles, all together are thoroughly designed and handcrafted for any professional requirements.

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Rugs are essential accessory to define the style of your home and distinguish each area.

Our collections combine classical influences with contemporary interiors, creating irresistible rugs for interiors.

Refined craftsmanship and the high quality standards of the Made in Italy allow us to propose rugs for the home in different colours and patterns that meet design, aesthetic and functionality.

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l’Opificio curtains decorate with elegance and sophistication: luminous, they create privacy with their unmistakable style.

l’Opificio curtains collections are inspired by the art and the best Italian textile tradition. With our curtains, textile furnishing becomes an all around experience for all living areas, creating the perfect harmony and cosiness.

Our creative team can design bespoke curtains for professionals matching cotton with silk, linen or velvet in a variety of colours and patterns.

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Carta da parati di design l’Opificio


Wallpaper Collection is an original re-interpretation of the wallpaper concept through which l’Opificio aims to set free the fabric from its texture gaining the chance of enveloping all the surfaces.

Walls, ceilings and floors become the essential elements for establishing an engaging and unusual decorative experience where the relief is an illusion and the colours are vivid and extraordinarily deep.

The paper and the fabric, the uniqueness of the design and of the texture are perfectly combined giving a new expressive way to live the space with a new and elegant intensity.

The wallpaper becomes a vivid and intense sensorial experience.

 Our collection includes vinyl wallpaper for the walls or glass-fibre wallpaper – a Mapei certified product – dedicated to flooring and bathrooms.

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