Fabrics for Upholstery and Interiors 100% Made in Italy


l’Opificio Furnishing Fabrics are meant for classical and trendy interiors.

l’Opificio offers a wide range of silk fabrics, linen fabrics, wool fabrics for interior decoration, cotton fabrics, viscose fabrics, taffetas textiles for decoration, lurex, fire-retardant and washable fabrics.

l’Opificio fabric collections mean high quality, Italian style and a wide range of proposals for interior decoration.

The Italian l’Opificio fabric collections are ideal for those who want elegant and refined decorative textiles. l’Opificio propose to professionals and interior designers high-quality and bespoke fabrics and velvets collections.

Our furnishing fabrics are synonymous of quality 100% Made in Italy.

All production phases are accurately performed from the selection of the best fibres.

We believe in the respect for the environment and the human being, choosing a sustainable process without using formaldehyde, a toxic substance.

l’Opificio Italian textile collections are the result of a careful process. Only acting in this way, we can guarantee to offer our clients a unique and unforgettable fabrics decor experience.

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Sophisticated Furnishing Fabrics

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Furnishing Fabrics are essential to create a chic environment with a strong personality.

An interior, without a thoroughly studied use of the fabrics, could result in an unwelcoming space without personality. l’Opificio design and produce the most elegant textile collections to transform any interior in a special and unique living space. We propose modern and refined colour variants to décor with charm any kind of interior.

All our fabrics have a pleasing consistency to the touch, transforming the furnishing textile in a real sensorial experience.

Elegant fabrics for upholstery, for décor cushions, for elegant curtains and refined soft furnishing. l’Opificio collections create new trends, without renouncing to the antique textile tradition that in Italy has a magnificent heritage.

Every day we work to better our technical knowledge to create resistant and healthy textiles not only for the human being but also for the environment. Discover the elegant l’Opificio furnishing textiles for interiors and exteriors.

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Summer Interiors

The summer textile line designed by l’Opificio, in linen blend, gets its inspiration from the marine breeze, the freshness of the water, the sensation of the sun on the skin, the magic of the sea.

Each creation dedicated to the summer interiors is produced thinking to the summer light shadows, the magnificent sunsets or to the sunrise emerging from the sea.

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Alpine Interiors

l’Opificio design a dedicated line of exclusive textile for Alpine interiors: warm, cosy perfect to create a cocooning atmosphere.

We produce distinctive fabrics which mix alpine style with a contemporary twist.

Threads and patterns weaved together for a sophisticated alpine interior: precious, perfect for a chalet or an hotel.

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Fabrics for Contract


l’Opificio has strength in the years its presence in the international market for Contract furnishing textiles.

Our collections include a wide range of fabrics for hospitality, theatres and yachts.

All furnishing fabrics for contract are produced conformed to the most rigid international safety standards.

l’Opificio is specialized in: Textile for hospitality, furnishing fabrics for hotels and B&B, carpets, curtains, fabrics for interiors, fabric for décor, fire-retardant bedspreads and quilts, plaids, bedcovers, fire-retardant bed throws, fire-retardant fabrics and textile for upholstery.

Thanks to our experience, we offer our clients professional guidance for any bespoke textile interiors for armchairs and chairs, décor cushions and sofas.

The textile collections offer a wide range of solutions for beautiful bespoke curtains for any kind of windows. Bedrooms are decorated with gorgeous bed spreads, quilts and throws made of precious and refined fabrics.

Choosing us, you will get coordinated textile interiors in all living spaces, getting inspired by the magic of the colours and the most refined textiles.

Within the large proposal of fire-retardant fabrics for hospitality, you will find stunning textiles conformed with the most rigid international safety standards. Fire-retardant curtains for hotels, fire-resistant bed-spreads matching with the flame-resistant textiles for curtains and flame-retardant bed covers. l’Opificio contract collections are washable, ideal for the daily heavy use.

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Textile Types


Discover the fabulous textiles made by our expert weaver

  • Brocade: silk fabric produced on the jacquard loom made by adding additional sections of weft, characterized by a raised pattern.
  • Chiffon: made of plain weave, is a semi-transparent fabric, regarded as the finest in existence.
  • Crespo: obtained on plain silk weave with a wavy, ripple effect, resulting from the strong twist that the yarn has undergone.
  • Damask: obtained on jacquard loom, using yarns of the same colour, both for the warp and for the weft, but with different fineness and twist. The result is a light-dark, bright-matt contrast between the pattern and the background with the opposite effect on the reverse.
  • Damasked: silk fabric very similar to damask, but due to the different colours of the thread the patterns stand out also for their coloration.
  • Laminated or lamé: made by interposing metallic filaments between the warp and weft, originally gold and silver, today, aluminium or synthetic in different colours.
  • Lampas: of Chinese origin, has large colourful designs hand-painted on dark background. Today reproduced in jacquard.
  • Watered: silk fabric usually one colour that has wavy streaks or veins obtained by calendering.
  • Satin: made with the same weave, which creates the characteristic effect smooth, shaved, shiny, with a finer weave than usual. It is a fabric that tends to wear and for this reason less used.
  • Shantung: silk fabric of Chinese origin characterized by its irregularity, with knots and thickenings, effect obtained with yarn composed of two filaments of different properties. Please note that if, in a short time, a piling effect results, it has not undergone the correct processing.
  • Duchesse satin: made in satin weave, characterized by its brightness.
  • Taffeta: obtained with a very tight weave, very light and shiny.
  • Tulle: generally, with a close-knit appearance with hexagonal openwork.

Precious Fabrics for Interiors


l’Opificio precious collections are gorgeous silk-, linen-, cotton-. viscose- fabrics for luxury interiors.

Linen Fabrics for Furnishing

Our linen furnishing fabrics are manufactured following long production processes required to maintain untouched the yarn qualities.

Linen is an antique natural fibre 100% sustainable, robust and hypoallergenic, safe for the environment and the human being. This is the reason for l’Opificio proposes sustainable linen fabrics collections. With linen textiles it is possible to create curtains, cushions, sofas and armchairs.

The uniqueness style of this yarn turns the textile interior in a mix of innovation, personality and coolness.

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Furnishing Wool Fabrics

Wool furnishing textiles creates cosy, soft and welcoming living spaces, thanks to its characteristics of softness, resistance to the mould and bacteria and also for the thermo insulation typical of the fibre.

Our wool fabric collections meet the expectations of those who look for furnishing textile that remind of antique looms weaving natural rough yarns.

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Cotton Furnishing Fabrics

l’Opificio cotton furnishing fabrics, thanks to its characteristics of robustness and thoughness, are perfect for cushions and curtains that dress artful interiors.

We produce sophisticated cotton fabrics for interiors with a strong personality.

Our collections look at the tradition of the highly precious Italian textiles, though being always aware of contemporary trends.

l’Opificio offers a broad selection of innovative cotton fabrics, distinguished by a polished design for strong personalities.

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Viscose fabrics for furnishing

Viscose is an artificial fibre that reproduces the silk softness and brilliance.

l’Opificio produce viscose fabrics collections for interiors, cushions, curtains and window panels, and unexpected accessories. Viscose textiles are irresistible, luminous, brilliant, and soft to the touch. Available in a wide range of refined and seductive colour variants, the viscose textiles make an interior luminous with character.

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