Fire Retardant Velvet


The Fire Retardant Velvet Collection is designed to satisfy Contract Industry needs.

It is produced in accordance with the main international safety requirements.

l’Opificio, conscious of the related human and environmental issues, makes sure that all safety standards relating to the protection of the human being and the environment are properly followed.

l’Opificio flame retardant fabrics and velvets are produced in line with the stringent European regulations for safety and fire retardant, resistant and easy to care, they are perfect of interiors.

l’Opificio Fire-retardant Velvet has a very high level of abrasion hardness and colour resistance in the time.

Our contract velvet collection is perfect for customised hotel interiors, for restaurants, for yachts and theatres.

With l’Opificio fabric and velvet collections we create luxury textile interiors with the unique quality of the weaving mill 100% Made in Italy

Available in 22 colour variants, our fire-retardant velvet is perfect for any style of decoration and in accordance with all security standards.

Discover our Fire-retardant Velvet collection and contact us for the dedicated service.

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Care and maintenance of the fire retardant velvet collection

For the regular maintenance, you can remove dust or dirt with the help of a soft brush (a cloth brush will be perfect).

l’Opificio Trevira Velvet can be dry cleaned or delicate washing at 30o. Do not iron.

You shall use the velvet always in the pile direction, which means the direction where the velvet results softer when stroking the pile.

In the case you should use a detergent, we suggest to use one with PH neutral, testing it before in a small hidden piece to check colour resistance and specific reactions.


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