Kid Mohair Velvet


The Kid Mohair is the fibre obtained from the first shearing of the Angora goats, which takes place within the first ten months of life. They are the finest and beautiful lots representing only the 19% of total annual production.

Brightness, supreme comfort in every season, maximum durability: to have the privilege of relishing intact the formidable qualities of the purest fibre is a privilege that l’Opificio offers to its more refined and demanding clientele.

Thanks to its characteristics, this precious velvet is particularly indicated for elegant interiors of any style. Available in 15 rich and intense colour variants, l’Opificio Kid-mohair Velvet has 100% wool piles.


Velvet kid mohair properties
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The Kid Mohair Velvet is resistant, durable and fire retardant. Therefore it is a special ally for contract high quality textile interiors, especially when chosen for hotel interiors and theatres.

The 11 colour variants chosen for our Kid Mohair Velvet collection are intense, brilliant and deep, for a textile interior glamour.

l’Opificio Kid Mohair Velvet collection is made with advanced production techniques that respect the quality standard of the 100% Made in Italy and totally formaldehyde-free.

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Care and maintenance of the kid mohair velvet

To maintain the kid mohair velvet perfectly clean and fresh, you just need to brush them regularly or to vacuum clean with the appropriate accessories

You shall use the velvet always in the pile direction, which means the direction where the velvet results softer when stroking the pile.

We recommend for a deep cleaning, to dry-cleaning the velvets with the support of professional operators, every four or five years.

For the regular maintenance, you can remove dust or dirt with the help of a soft brush (a cloth brush will be perfect).

In the case you should use a detergent, we suggest to use one with PH neutral, testing it before in a small hidden piece to check colour resistance and specific reactions.

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