Viscose Velvet

pillows velvet of viscose yellow

The l’Opificio Viscose Velvet is a silk effect Velvet, with a delicate lustre that makes precious and fascinating the 20 colour variants.

palette of neutrals, classic and bright colours designed to give elegance to upholstered furniture and curtains of the most modern interiors.

The l’Opificio Viscose Velvet is a rich fabric, particularly pleasant to the touch.

The viscose fibre was developed during the beginning of the XX centuryto have an economically more accessible soft and brilliant fibre alternative to silk. It is an artificial fibre extract from vegetal cellulose that emulates the silk characteristics, and for this reason was also named “vegetal silk”.

The High Performance treatment of l’Opificio Viscose Velvet collection, in the finishing stage, gives an exceptional crease resistance.

Pile 100% Viscose, Base 100% Cotton.

This textile is ideal for velvet quilts and bed covers, but also for chic bespoke garments.

Available in 20 brilliant and sophisticated colours, l’Opificio Viscose Velvet collection is the perfect choice for customised cool and trendy interiors.

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Care and Maintenance of the Viscose Velvet

The viscose velvet must dry cleaned only to maintain unchanged the special iridescent.

For the regular maintenance, you can remove dust or dirt with the help of a soft brush (a cloth brush will be perfect).

We recommend for a deep cleaning to dry-cleaning the velvets with the support of professional operators, every four or five years.

You shall use the velvet always in the pile direction, which means the direction where the velvet results softer when stroking the pile.

In the case you should use a detergent, we suggest to use one with PH neutral, testing it before in a small hidden piece to check colour resistance and specific reactions

pillows and decorative velvet of viscous