Cotton Velvet

velvets of cotton blue opificio

l’Opificio Cotton Velvet is the result of the use of the softest and most resistant cotton fibre. Only through the accurate choice of the best yarns, we are able to produce a high-quality, comfortable and resistant Italian velvet.

The Cotton Velvet is a plain and compact fabric ideal for interiors, furnishing and spectacular side window curtains.

l’Opificio Made in Italy Cotton Velvet collection, with its 60 colour variants decorates stylish interiors with strong personality.

special finishing makes l’Opificio 100% Cotton Velvet versatile more than ever: water- and stain- resistant, it is perfectly suitable for any area of your home. We are absolutely confident to propose a furnishing fabric elegant but resistant, perfect for a daily use.

Cosy and soft to the touch, l’Opificio Cotton Velvet warms any interior with a polished charming touch.

We take care of every single step of the process to produce the best cotton velvet for interiors and upholstery.

This precious textile for interiors is perfect for velvet bed covers, velvet bed throws, and furthermore for customised and chic garments.

Dress with style with l’Opificio precious collections.

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Cotton Velvet Care and Maintenance

Steaming and brushing are the basic for a good maintenance of the cotton velvet products made by l’Opificio. 

You shall use and brush the velvet always in the pile direction, which means the direction where the velvet results softer when stroking the pile.

We recommend for a deep cleaning, to dry-cleaning the velvets with the support of professional operators, very four or five years.

For the regular maintenance, you can remove dust or dirt with the help of a soft brush (a cloth brush will be perfect).

In the case you should use a detergent, we suggest to use one with PH neutral, testing it before in a small hidden piece to check colour resistance and specific reactions.