Linen Velvet

Velvet linen red

l’Opificio Linen Velvet is made of 100% linen pile and 100% cotton base.

Proposed in more than 30 different colour variants, it is perfect to decorate living spaces with a sophisticated rustic-chic allure.

Linen is the most ancient and precious fibre. l’Opificio has always been using it for furnishing textile collections. 

Linen is a noble yarn that besides the well known exceptional characteristics, it is totally sustainable and therefore suitable for any use.

Our continuous research for a sustainable and respectful production starts with the selection of the best fibres for one of the most valuable furnishing fabrics.

l’Opificio Linen Velvet is very comfortable, thanks to a specific finishing that makes the fibre easy to work and soft, with an excellent resistance to abrasion, ideal for sofas as for curtains.

Linen, a natural textile that donates freshness, thus keeping constant warmth and ensuring transpiration and airflow.

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Care and Maintenance of the Linen Velvet

To maintain the linen velvet perfectly clean and fresh, you just need to brush them regularly or to vacuum clean with the appropriate accessories.

You shall use the velvet always in the pile direction, which means the direction where the velvet results softer when stroking the pile.

We recommend for a deep cleaning, to dry-cleaning the velvets with the support of professional operators, every four or five years.

For the regular maintenance, you can remove dust or dirt with the help of a soft brush (a cloth brush will be perfect).

velvet linen red