Dress your bed with Cushions, Quilts, Bed-spreads and Bed-runners

Some advices to make your bedroom comfortable and very personal

A bed looks nice when properly dressed with cushions, quilts, bed-spreads and bed-runners, perfectly matching with the interior of the bedroom. But which are the right choices? How to select the pieces in order to obtain a personal beautiful bed? As a sofa, when we dress a bed it is important to follow a few rules in order to create the atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and style desired
Respecting proportions
will help us in enhancing the beauty of the bed. The quantity of cushions has to be proportional to the bed depending if it is a single, a double or a king-size bed. Therefor here the first rule: the number of cushions depends on the bed dimensions. In a king-size bed four decorative cushions in different sizes and matching the style of the room like curtains and eventually armchairs, will look very welcoming. If you add a bed-runner, the bed will look perfect. On the contrary on the normal double-bed, three decorative cushions will be more than enough.

A bed is properly dressed when you have also a quilt or a bed-cover or a runner. Also, in this case, proportions will be very important and will define the style of your bed: a short quilt covering just the mattresses will be perfect of a modern bed, whilst a long quilt up to the floor will be the best choice for a more classical room.




The cushion shape can help us in giving perspective and a feeling of comfort and relax beside a special attention to detail.
On a king-size bed we can play with large square cushions in different sizes to create that perspective effect and maybe you can add a final small cushion in the middle to complete your composition. On a standard double bed, it could be nice to play with different form and sizes of the cushions or looking for an essential touch using just two small decorative cushions like a piece of jewel and combine them with the runner at the end of the bed. For a single bed, one decorative cushion will be sufficient and will look perfect.
Though, you can also play with different forms, so why not using some roll cushions, for example, in different sizes?
Concerning the quilts, it can cover the bed up to the floor or be less long and cover just the mattress and a little bit of the bed structure. Also, the dimensions of the runner can be defined based on a more modern or classical style. All these elements properly combined will make your room look personal and perfect.
Normally decorative cushions are placed on the pillows; therefor it will be important that there is a harmony between both the bedlinen and the decorative cushions besides matching with the rest of the bed-room interior style.
Talking specifically about placement, the cushion will be positioned on the pillow in progressive sizes.
If the pillows are not present, then the decorative cushions can be placed in a freer way, maybe playing with the different shapes. In this case a key role will be played by the quilt or bed-spread, as the cushion could become a complement of it.

Harmony and calmness are vital in a bedroom, as it is the most intimate room of a house.
Therefor all elements: wall colours, furniture and textiles must match and being in harmony with the perception of who is going to use the room. The cushions, the bed-runner, the bed-spread and the quilt can be used as accents in the room: colour and texture have to create a perfect balance.

A final suggestion: you can obtain beautiful results playing with textures: for example, you can use a single colour tones in different textures or with patterns of different dimensions.
If you combine the beautiful haptic of the velvet with the pattern of a refined fabric you will obtain cushions of incredible elegance and impact. To mix and match texture and colours requires a great sensibility, but the result is gorgeous.






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