Exclusive Brands Torino grows further

Seven new companies join the network of Piedmontese excellences

l’Opificio, a founding member of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO, joins the network’s President in welcoming the seven new companies that have joined the high-end Made in Italy Piedmontese network, along with four new partners.

Acetifico Varvello, Candioli Pharma, Codebò, Eurofork, Leone dal 1857, Molini Bongiovanni, Sant’Agostino Casa d’Aste are the new network Members, and Aon, CIDIMU, Fly Free Airways, and Grand Hotel Sitea are the new network Partners. Exclusive Brands Torino continues to strengthen its presence in the Piedmontese business community and to drive strategic entrepreneurship.

With the new additions, Exclusive Brands Torino expands its mission of promoting the value of tradition, the avant-garde of technology, and the culture of the Piedmontese territory as strategic drivers of excellence. These new entrepreneurial stories, with their uniqueness, values, and paths, broaden the horizons of the Exclusive Brands Torino mission.

With these new entries, the network, founded in 2011 on the initiative of the Turin Industrial Union, consolidates its presence in the Piedmontese entrepreneurial community, representing thirty-one companies, nearly 2,000 workers in Piedmont and a total turnover of 500 million euros, with an average export share of about 50%. These figures demonstrate the strong attraction of Exclusive Brands Torino to companies interested in creating the entrepreneurial synergies that define the DNA of the network.

“Today Exclusive Brands Torino becomes even bigger - says Giulio Trombetta, President of Exclusive Brands Torino - a signal that makes us proud of the path we have taken so far, demonstrating the validity of our strategic choices and the results of the network over the years. Once again, the network's reach is highly attractive to companies in the area, and the fact that the new members and partners come from sectors that are very different by nature is a source of pride for us.

The criteria for the entry of new companies into the network consider excellence a factor that companies must have introduced in a deeply broad and widespread sense into their business practices. We understand excellence not only as it relates to the product but also to the production processes and project management. This is a path that involves corporate social responsibility, considered a fundamental component of their strategies and a tool for competitive advantage.

eing part of Exclusive Brands Torino should be recognition of having reached important levels of excellence in all of these areas, but above all, it should be an incentive to continue in this direction, together with other companies from today.”

Exclusive Brands Torino is the network of Piedmontese companies that wants to represent and promote a consolidated, extended, and contemporary concept of excellence. On the one hand, excellence in promoting Turin products and services on international markets, which present increasingly complex and evolving scenarios, through partnerships, strategies, and shared objectives. Examples include the collaboration with Monaco Inter Expo for the network's participation in Expo Dubai 2020 as Partenaire Officiel within the Pavillon de Monaco, and the series of events during the ATP Finals in Turin, with a Lounge at the Museum of the Risorgimento for masterclasses, round tables, and workshops.

Product excellence objectives are thus safeguarded through the definition of shared commercial strategies and opportunities, the consolidation of internationalization operations in specific geographical areas, and the transmission of information and entrepreneurial experiences that can have a positive impact on the local territory of origin.

On the other hand, Exclusive Brands Torino's excellence has been declining in recent years into a broader and increasingly essential value for doing business: that of social and environmental sustainability, summarized in the Network Ethics Charter.

Responsibility towards future generations, the planet, people, and fundamental values are the four guidelines that the Charter follows, through continuous monitoring of the impacts of production processes, supply chains, and initiatives of Network members, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. In these aspects too, sharing and defining common goals for all companies are considered essential.

The innovation lab that aims to become Exclusive Brands Torino thus promotes a broad concept of excellence, capable of responding to the complexities of the contemporary global context and to increasingly aware customers who desire businesses that have a positive impact in every process.



Exclusive Brands Torino

Together with other important Piedmontese companies, l'Opificio is part of Exclusive Brands Torino, the first Italian multi-sector network of companies that brings together high-end companies promoted by the Unione Industriale of Torino.



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