l'Opificio | Milano Design Week 2022

Fuorisalone POETICA* APT

POETICA* APT by Roberta Borelli | Makeyourhomestudio
Via Torricelli 18
Hours: 10:00 – 18:00

From 7 to 12 June, l’Opificio participates at the Salone del Mobile that involves and animates the entire city of Milan. At the Design Week, which is held during the same week too, the company will be present participating in four events scheduled in the Fuorisalone.

The first event is POETICA* APT by Makeyourhomestudio, a project that explores the theme of living, in a perspective very close to the company philosophy. Roberta Borelli, the founder, explains: "The house is no longer just a place to live and the studio a place to work.... Reality is much more complex and takes time and honesty. Time to think, test gradually and constantly. Honesty in questioning what our needs are and how we can satisfy them in the small and large decisions we make. Only in this way can we consider our homes as systems of emotional support, one of the only constants to hold onto."
Also, for l’Opificio the experiential reality of slow design, which takes its own time, that goes through tests and checks, that search for timeless combinations declining trends without allowing them to condition the final result by responding far better to the demand to "live with less, but better" choosing each element of the house or office with care and dedication, is a cornerstone.

This philosophy translates into the creation of collections of fabrics and velvets for furniture and Home Haute Couture able to dialogue with the existing and indeed to enhance it.
The living of today sees the coexistence of needs, experiences, different elements of value but fundamental for the emotional, physical and social well-being declined in the home itself.

Roberta Borelli:" Rooms with different characters to support different moods. Our homes should be as strange as our personalities, as complex as our relationships.
POETICA*APT highlights the importance of building spaces of relationship: if the house becomes the place where we can "do everything" then it becomes essential to manage the spaces where we relate with the outside and the intimate ones (public, private secret)".

This project is completed with a capsule collection dedicated to casual, poetic and refined encounters. Objects that represent our personality and the identity of our house, with which to create a bond and transfer in our "design baggage", made in Italy and available for purchase online. A project that goes in the direction of conscious purchasing bringing to light Italian craftsmanship”.

l’Opificio participates in the project with the creation of spectacular curtains in Velluto di Cotone Taupe perfectly matching with the antique cement tiles and in Vocalese Treccia in neutral nuances. The fabrics, with their textures, dress with warmth the living room, the private spaces and the studio.


Linen, cotton and viscose for this collection 135 cm height, due to the special processing giving it the great softness to the touch.
Available in 9 warm and deep colour tones.


l’Opificio cotton velvet is soft and fascinating, it gives to the interiors an elegant bon-ton touch.
The velvet for upholstery and interiors proposes 60 brilliant colour variants.




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l’Opificio @ MilanoDesignWeek 2023