l’Opificio and the Made in Italy value

“Made in Italy” plays a major role among the distinctive values of l’Opificio.

It is a symbol well known and recognised all over the world, synonymous of quality, excellence, creativity and elegance.

The most requested Made in Italy products are those that represent the Italian tradition of craftsmanship alike the major fashion brands, but an important role is played by the Italian textile craftsmanship too.

Italy proposes an extended idea of excellence. Not only Fashion “Made in Italy”, but also the textiles for interiors are becoming growingly sought-after for a new cultural vision of living.

Haute couture is conquering the homes as well: therefore more and more people, from all over the world, are looking for the quality of our soft furnishing, produced by us in Italy.


made in italy tessili italiani
torino made in italy

To l’Opificio, Made in Italy means to talk about a careful, slow production process, that has a long history. l’Opificio creations take birth from the local area: Turin, an Italian city of arts and culture, continuously inspiring.

Therefore, our textile collections are not only 100% Italian production, but they include the style and aesthetic of a place rich in history.

Here is where we have grown, we developed and dreamed about a new way of expressing the excellence of this region. Here is where our idea of Made in Italy has taken birth.


Made in Italy: what does it means for l’Opificio


Turin has an history that expands for more than 2 millennia.

Walking along the streets and squares of the Piedmont county seat, means to deeply breath each single historical milestone. All of them well recognisable in the palaces, monuments and churches of the city. From the roman buildings to the baroque palaces, Turin represents at best a beauty that is the result of the mixture of culture, architectural styles and trends.

Its grandeur is powerful, but never oppressive, self-conscious but never self-referential. Turin distinctive feature is that, whilst showing itself in its full beauty, she narrates about the history of those who lived here of their culture that lived in her street until what we see today.

All this you can find in the great range of cultural proposals offered: The National Museum of the Cinema, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Far East Museum, The Egyptian Museum, the Museum of the Italian Risorgimento: all these are an example of Turin excellences. All of them do talk about the area but with an open eye towards worldwide cultures. To live in Turin means to grow within a mix of cultures from all over the world.


tessuti e velluti made in italy
tessili italiani made in italy
eccellenza sartoria made in italy

This is the starting point for any l’Opificio creation. With our fabrics and velvets, we want to interpret an idea of aesthetic beauty that express the Italian tradition for textile craftsmanship. This is the reason why we do design textile with colours that remind the Fareast, or the urban metropolis of New York, the essentiality of north European countries or the geometric patterns of antique people. All of them designed and produced by us, by our creative team, our technicians, our seamstresses with the best machinery, using antique techniques of high craftsmanship and the Made in Italy elegance.


But Turin is not only this: Since ever Turin has been closely bound with fashion. The historical Istituto d’Arte e Costume is a tangible example, one of those that most inspired l’Opificio.

A long tradition of excellency: here some of the most famous fashion stylists have stopped and still come being ambassadors of Made in Italy all over the world.

Our art director and interior designer Barbara Bertoldo studied here and transforms each day all the knowledge gained here, through her personality, in her creations.

Therefore, when you read Made in Italy on l’Opificio label, you are reading about the history of this area, of the people who lived here, and of those that today are still getting inspired.

This is what Made in Italy means to us. This is what means for us “fatto in Italia”

torino montagna
museo egizio made in italy



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