l’Opificio workshop in Rome with Bludiprussia and Oscalito

The thread of sustainability and environmental care runs through Slow Fiber

What impact does the design world have on the environment? Is it possible to produce fabrics and colors in an ethical and sustainable way?

Together with Bludiprussia, a historic design dye house and a unique staple for every lover of interiors and building, and Oscalito, a knitwear company part of the Slow Fiber network, we organized an in-depth workshop on May 29th at Via Telesio, 23, to answer these and more questions following a single thread: to raise awareness and promote sustainability in the world of textiles and housing.

Paola Bertoldo, our President, Sabina Guidotti, founder of Bludiprussia, together with Dario Casalini, CEO of Oscalito and President of Slow Fiber, led the workshop to educate industry professionals and enthusiasts of fashion, architecture, building, and design on how products are made operating within a supply chain that respects the environment and people.

An extraordinary meeting in the spaces of Bludiprussia, where even the seating was sustainable: the Oto Chairs, produced by One to One from recycled plastic, for this meeting where we demonstrated how aesthetic quality and sustainability can go hand in hand, focusing on care and attention to consumers and workers.

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A unique occasion, a true sensory experience, starting from the yarn, following through the entire supply chain, to learn to consider the colors and fabrics used both in clothing and furnishing as components that are not only aesthetic but also a reference point within a chain that respects the environment and is sustainable from an ecological and production standpoint.


"Durable is everything that opposes the concept of fast-use, fast-fashion, and fast-interiors"

is the slogan that carries forward and identifies the mission of Slow Fiber, linked to the Slow Food circuit, which includes 25 Italian realities that produce sustainable textile products, where the concept of Beautiful, Healthy, Fair, Good, Clean and Durable prevails.


All these themes were addressed and delved into during the workshop with great participation from the audience, as had already happened in the one organized in October in Turin.

Thank you again for the welcome and participation.


See you at the next workshop!



l’Opificio workshop in Rome with Bludiprussia and Oscalito

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