Textile Capsule Tour

Enjoy l’Opificio 2021

Textile Capsule: a new point of view. A virtual journey to discover textile textures. A new interpretation of furnishing textiles and of a living space. Traditions, processes and the people who work on the creation of l’Opificio furnishing textile collections remain a certainty in the reality. With the creations of this virtual stand l’Opificio creates a new way of story-telling. A dreamlike space where to dive in a magic world made of texture, pattern and colours that embrace us, surprise us invite us to be in a curiosity playful mood.
A play of tri-dimensional capsules. They enliven, change, and return to the origin allowing to experiment the joyful spirit of the textile which means to master the idea, knowledge, know-how, aesthetic taste and expertise.
A visual art work- video concept by Visual Artist Stefania Bonatelli and CG Artist Augusto Alberti - to explore the TALIA and the collections SCOTT, PERLAIN Moresco, VISION, HYPNOSE Medusa, LOOP, THICK and FIZZ too. A new way of perceiving the textile, a constantly evolving sense of beauty, thus faithful to the principals of weaving. Weft and warp, yarns and weaves are emphasized almost overstated by this virtual journey, making the spectator tour a unique experience. This evanescent space, finds us fantasizing lost in the colour, quietness, surprise, joyfulness and happiness of this unexpected space, free to invent a path to discover a new point of view between tangible and intangible. Ready for this textile trip? Let’s explore! Come in, immerse yourself in this space and discover the Textile Capsule. Open the Capsule, discover the game. Open the Capsule, discover the collections.
Come in, you are welcome!




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