THICK – l’Opificio collection designed by Barbara Bertoldo

A game of contrast for a renewed naturality

THICK, the new collections designed by Barbara Bertoldo, Art Director of l’Opificio, celebrate a rediscovered naturality. It represents the search of simplicity, gained through a careful play of contrast, as the result of an ecological mindset that looks for a balance, by using natural fibres and color, and in the beauty of a welcoming and reassuring textile. Naturality, sensitivity and ecological mindset. Nowadays, more than ever, this approach defines how to develop a new jacquard fabric collection for furnishing and interiors.
An ecological approach that means balance: an equalization between beauty, utility, long-lasting and performance, important aspects for a furnishing textile that has to avoid consumerism, the risk of a fast burning product and instead must propose a long-lasting pattern and a textile quality looking for a communicative style that combines present and past, thus opens to what will come. This is the path followed by Barbara Bertoldo, art director of the Maison, in creating the new collection.
The composition of the textile expresses the particular attention dedicated to the use of the raw material: for example, the important use of linen yarns, highly sustainable in the production phase, with respect to the percentage of cotton fibre used. The sensibility towards the environment is made of small steps too, as this one, or what we do since the beginning avoiding the total use of formaldehyde or any heavy metals in our velvet and jacquard fabric collections. Naturality and sustainability, characteristics which are not always visible, are hidden, but you can feel them, they connect with our senses when we touch a textile.
THICK, a praise to the haptic, has a rich hand and it is played around the construction of the textile that defines its texture: robust, thus comfortable with and excellent hold and resistance to pilling, it is perfect for a heavy use too. Inspired by the energy of the rock, the rough beauty of the dried plants, the colour of the sky or the shade of the forest, this collection with an urban soul, thus perfect for a mountain interior too, is proposed in 7 tones with different personality.




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