A Practical guide to decorate the sofa with cushions

or the subtle art of dressing the sofa

Let your sofa become the star of your living room! A fantastic way to express your style by renewing your spaces
1. Take a cue from Fashion
Like when you put together your look by balancing plain colors as a base and eye-catching designs and colors in combination, when thinking about dressing your sofa use the same approach to create harmony. Highlight the most important patterns at the front and the micro-drawings matched with the colors behind without hiding them because they are the support of your design. Therefore, for example, choose important velvets they will make the set super stylish.
2. Have Fun
The cushions you choose can express your fun side too, especially in the family living room where the sofa is the heart of life. The solid color is never banal: dare strong tones The pattern is never excessive: shake the look with great designs and bold patterns. This will create an immediate wow effect!
3. Use the Texture
As in clothing, the feeling of a fabric affects your senses, even in furniture is essential to play with the textures. Velvets, fabrics and wool are fundamental for the game of overlapping.

4. Don’t be afraid

Match colors and textures freely, they will be great! 

What is important, is that they belong to the same colour family.

5. The extra touch

Match the cushions set with a Funky plaid that, in addition to dressing your sofa, will help you preserve it in case of children or four-legged friends.

How to place the cushions on the sofa?

It all depends on the size and shape of your sofa.
If you follow the rule of symmetry, you will place the furniture cushions starting from the armrests, in groups of two or three inwards, completing in the middle of the sofa with a group of one or two cushions.

If you prefer a more minimal decoration do not place the group cushions in the middle of the sofa.
If on the contrary, you follow the rule of asymmetry, perfect for island or small sofas, the suggestion is to create the composition with the cushions only on one side, By placing them in groups of three to five for a peninsula sofa and in groups of two or three for a smaller sofa.

For the peninsula sofa, the pillow set can also include large ones.

The quality of the filling is fundamental both for the look and for your comfort. Aesthetically, the cushion must appear full and puffy, but at the same time it must support and be comfortable.

Now your sofa will be the star of your living room, a beautiful decorative occasion, with the color palette you prefer!



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