A textile glossary or a map of bonds

Do you know how to recognise a Textile? Do you know what is a Jacquard Fabric?
A new e-book has been recently published devoted to the magic world of textiles. Its steps form the idea of helping beginners and experts in this complex and beautiful world.
The author is Carlotta Berta supported by Cecilia Bima.
Carlotta has established, with Davide Buscaglia, unprogetto, which as she tells include three things in one: it is studio of interiors, a communication consultancy studio and a blog dedicated to design. Cecilia, within unprogetto, writes about arts and history of design
But what is a Textilarium? If you are looking for this word in the dictionary, you won’t find it….thought it is a word that makes us understand immediately what it is about. Hence with the words of Carlotta, the Textilarium is: “It is a textile glossary, which is not just a catalogue, but a kind of map showing the bonds, without renouncing to make order. Therefore, a guide to untie, in the real meaning of the word, this fascinating thus multifaceted universe. A glossary that doesn’t start from production or technical procedures, but on the contrary by the end of the process: from the textile.”

Why do we like this project? Because we love to share this ancient knowledge, which talks about Italian and world-wide traditions, and because we love to meet passionate and knowledgeable people. Because this e-book is useful, it an instrument not only to better know the subject but also for working. Because is beautiful and complete and offers, beside the description of the typology of textile a short historical background and an explicatory picture. Have a good read!

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