Decorating with Patterns: How to mix different patterns in a living space

How to revolutionize the living area with little secrets of style.

cushions velvet purple

Quite often we would like to renovate our living space, but we don’t see a solution. A living space can be rapidly renovated: you just need to know few little secrets and relay on the right accessories.

For example: you can obtain great result using curtains or wallpapers: these two elements can really transform your space with style and personality.

Another secret: use many different cushions with different patterns, textiles and texture: immediately you will obtain a diverse feeling.

The password is: textile! The refined touch is to use textile on different layers: on the wall or as drapes. You can use the same fabric or velvet for both, or you can play with the patterns and different dimensions of patterns.

You can also use textiles as a total frame and cover even the roof itself, as you would decorate your room with the colour.

textile for interiors colors
textile velvets textile

When playing, don’t forget that it is essential to maintain a chromatic harmony: it will result easier if you play with a common fill-rouge, represented by the choice of the colour.

The most audacious will mix colours and patterns in unusual chromatic combinations.

Today’s trends use detailed and refined patterns for the interior decoration, as applied art.




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Matteo Tampone “Tampone Process Oxidation on Velvet”