Discovering Turin

Tour in Turin an exclusive journey among the excellence of Piedmont.

We love Turin, our city, its parks, palaces and fantastic food.

Turin, our city that inspires us with its liveliness, history and elegance.

As the Turin writer Giuseppe Culicchia writes, “A city that, thanks to the Olympics and an urban redevelopment, has been able to renew and transform itself. A lively city full of surprises. Because Turin is Turin, it is not a city like any other."

It is a long wave, which began almost twenty years ago, that has transformed Turin into a post-industrial city by focusing heavily on culture, start-up, but also on hospitality.

Welcoming, small in size and with an effervescent cultural environment, Turin, with its contemporary art week, a case history of excellence where art has been able to become systemic, is and remains unique for those involved in art. A city incubator of new trends and contaminations in music as well.

Turin is the city in which the EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO Network, of which we are a member, was founded in 2011. It is the first Italian multisectoral network of companies of Made in Italy excellence, made up of 24 Piedmontese companies of the Unione Industriali di Torino, ranging from textiles to technology, from accommodation facilities to fine jewellery, from food and wine to aesthetics and fashion.

Companies that represent the great manufacturing tradition of the Piedmont region, but at the same time stand out for their vision of the future.
Each company that joins the EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO network represents Italian style in the world, each in a different way, but all in the name of the typical values of Italian 'savoir-faire': respect for traditions, the use of local raw materials, an ethical and sustainable production chain, innovation and the perfection of unique details full of elegance.

EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO opens its doors to those who want to discover the secrets of each company, touch the quality of each single creation first-hand, immerse themselves in a world made of history, passion and creativity.

l'Opificio, like many of the Exclusive Brands Turin companies, has its flagship store in the city. Freshly renovated, with a surprising layout, it is ready to welcome you every day, except Sundays, from 10.00 to 18.00. in Via Martiri della Libertà, 42 in Turin (if you come by car you can park in front of the boutique, very easy!)

Prefer to make an appointment?
Call Rossella on 011.819.62.96
Or write her on WhatsApp at 3428025793
To discover all the showrooms, clubs and even courtyards of the Exclusive Brands Turin companies visit

Exclusive Brands Torino
…and have a good Tour in Turin!!



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