Each sofa has its cushion!

A tiny guide on how to use cushions on sofas

Here below some valued tips to make your sofa perfect with the cushions of your choice.
At first define the shape:
you can have square cushion 60x60, big and welcoming perfect for large deep sofas.
Do you want to make your sofa more welcoming: you can add extra cushions 50x50, that being smaller than the previous one will create a deepness effect and harmony.
If seating on a sofa you don’t feel comfortable, add a rectangular cushion for sofa 35x70, it will be a perfect choice to support the lower back when seated.


Decorative square cushion that combines a classical jacquard fabric with an elegant viscose velvet. 
Made to mesure at order, 
100% Made in Italy, formaldehyde-free


Carrè Degradè

Striped square decorative cushion that combines geometric and patterned jacquard fabrics with elegant cotton velvet. 

Made to mesure at order, 
100% Made in Italy, formaldehyde-free

Which is the ideal number of cushion for a sofa? It depends on your taste and on the style of the sofa. If you like a minimal style, the number of cushion will be minimum, two or three depends on the seats. If the style is modern or classic, the number of cushion is higher; it would start from 4 pieces onwards. Finally, if you wish to create e very warm welcoming space, than cushion will play a major role: the more the better.
Which is the style? Solid colours or patterns? Pastel or vibrant shades, which texture?
When shape and quantities have been set, the most appealing and personal phase starts. Which means let’s chose the style and personality of your sofa.
Once again, if the style you like the most is minimal, you will probably choose solid or false unit textiles or velvet where the use of colours will make the difference and you will match it with your taste and the interior in general. Texture, haptic, natural fibres, will play a key role to make the solution unique and full of personality.
Should you prefer it modern or classic, patterns will play a role, creating whether a contrast or smoothing the ensemble. In this case, it is essential to find the correct balance in order to avoid overdoing or becoming kitsch.
Finally, if the living room that you are renovating is a special place, like a mountain retreat, textures and fibres will have to convey a welcoming comfort and warmth. Textured textiles and velvets will be the perfect choice. Colours will be inspired by the surrounding nature and in harmony with the style you like.

But remember that just with a few steps, you can turn your living area in a winter or summery interior, just playing with double-faced cushions or different cushion covers, made of different textiles.

l’Opificio cushions collection offers a wide range of models: square and rectangular. All cushions can be customised in dimension, jacquard fabrics and velvets combinations, to create your ideal unique piece…. and don’t forget the filling. l’Opificio propose an anallergic 100% polyester filling or, if you want to have a fluffier cushion, a feather filling.
Discover our proposal and enjoy creating your own combinations selecting from l’Opificio high quality fabric and velvet collections 100% made in Italy, formaldehyde-free, without heavy metals.
l’Opificio cushions are the perfect solution for beautiful, stylish living spaces with a strong personality.








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