Each sofa has its cushion – part 2

These are practical suggestion to best dress your sofa with l’Opificio decorative cushions.

It is so nice to change and create a different style in your room just with few new cushions! New colours and texture will give a different touch to you interior, though this doesn’t mean it is simple. Therefore, how can you choose the four or five cushions perfect for you? How to choose a cushion cannot be taken for granted, it is one of those choice that make your interior personal. Here below some rules that will make your sofa, your couch or your armchair welcoming and beautiful.
The cushions must be proportionate with the sofa in terms of dimension and numbers.
For example: if the cushions are too small for the couch, which is large or too big for a small sofa, the result won’t be welcoming, on the contrary they will look out of proportion and will keep you away from using the couch. Here is the rule: for a large sofa you can play with minimum four or six cushions using different dimensions and forms, on the other side, if the couch is small, two or three cushions will be sufficient.

You can play with the shape of the cushion to recreate different sense of depth and satisfy each requirement. A very deep sofa, if dressed with a number of cushions, will result more comfortable when seated and visually, having more lines of cushions will result give a more relaxed feeling. We suggest to put the larger cushions on the side, gradually converting to the centre with the smaller ones. In an armchair, a small rectangular cushion will look pretty and will offer a perfect support to your back.
Position The general rule is: balance. Each of us has its own sensibility, some prefer a symmetric approach, some prefer to be free, though what we cannot ignore is that the end result must communicate pleasantness, which is obtained through an accurate play of emptiness and fullness. If you go for a symmetric decoration, this will communicate order, though a mix and match of colourful patterns and texture could be the focal point in a minimal interior.
Follow your heart!

Colour The colour of the cushions has to harmonize with the contest. Therefore, before choosing the cushions prepare a colour palette which will include all the colours present in the room: the one of the floors and walls, the one of the pieces of furniture, of the sofas, of the curtains and of the rugs. The cushions could create a fil-rouge or a focus on your preferred colour.

Textures You can play with different texture and the same shade or create contrast of texture, but do not forget that the cushions have to harmonise with the textile of the sofa, they have to enhance it. A suggestion: combine a micropattern, with a large one and use a plain colour velvet to balance it.






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