Exclusive Brands Torino Grows

Six new companies join the network

l’Opificio, member of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO network since it incepts, join the President of the network in welcoming the new six high-end associated companies of the Made in Italy Piedmonts. Exclusive Brands Torino pursue its growth. Its president Paolo Pininfarina proudly announces 6 new comers. From the Beauty to Jewellery&Fashion from Food to Graphic Arts, these are the sector touched by the new entries, who shares a selected clientele, an international tradition and distinguish themselves for creativity, innovation, research and the quality of products and services.

Here the companies:
VANNI glasses. Founded in Turin 30 years ago, they are at Home in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Sidney. Vanni is at the forefront in the sector of the creative glasses and eyewear design. They represent a synthesises between strictness and design and trends. Vanni production is a limited-edition production exported in 40 countries around the world.

ALLEMANNO represent Italian excellence in the production of precision tools. Founded in 1856 by Giuseppe Allemanno, the workshop was initially dedicated to the production of heavy carpentry and during 1900 it starts the production of precision tools. In the ’80 the company specializes in machining, assembly and calibration of underwater instruments. Today ALLEMANNO instruments are not seen only on the dashboard but directly on people's wrists.

PATTERN was founded by Fulvio Botto and Francesco Martorella in 2000. Today represents the point of reference on an international level for design, engineering, development, prototyping the production of clothing lines for the world most prestigious brands exclusively high-end, in the men's and women’s fashion shows and first lines segment.

ERBORISTERIA MAGENTINA is part of Witt Italia Group, that since more than 50 years produces, packages and distributes products for well-being, personal care and home hygiene, starting from totally natural raw materials and becoming in the years a sector leader. Witt Italia Group mission, since its foundation, is to live, think and work in accordance with nature.

GALUP is a name and an original recipe. Since 1922, the Panettone Galup is made in the same area where it was invented, in Via Fenestrelle at Pinerolo, where in 1949 the new factory was inaugurated and where it is still produced today. Over time, the company has grown, acquired a national and international commercial dimension. The panettone has toured the world and Galup has become a well-recognized Italian excellence.

ARTI GRAFICHE PARINI takes care of everything that attains to communication and print. A flagship in image processing services, layout, creativity, printing and packaging. It is for this reason that the network has decided to promote image processing and print, a sector which is undergoing a great growth in our Country.

We leave it up to you to discover these new networkers through the initiative launched by EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO the “EXCLUSIVE TALKS” , video-dialogs dedicated to the entrepreneur excellence of the Made in Italy Piedmonts.





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