How to decorate a mountain retreat

To decorate a mountain retreat means to dedicate particular attention to details and research, for a rustic style that creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

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A mountain home reminds of relaxed moments more than any other place.

A high-altitude mountain chalet, calls to mind natural materials, a crackling fireplace, the warm colours of the furniture and the refined fabrics that complete the interior with a sophisticated touch.

 A sensorial trip, that creates continuity with the beauty of the landscape and the winter wonderland. To decorate a mountain retreat means to create a strong bond between the home interior and the surrounding landscape.

Carefully choosing every single detail, is creating a welcoming and comfortable home, where to experience the direct contact with nature. Quality time and well being is also the result of what surround us: each single piece of the interior has to play its role to create a perfect combination, made of beauty and functionality.

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The wood is among the most used materials for a mountain retreat, a magic element of an enchanted landscape, that immediately creates a cosy and warm atmosphere. Its rustic, thus elegant aspect generates continuity with the mounting surrounds creating a natural charm.

Nowadays trends suggest using it not only on the floor, but also on the walls and for building bespoke furniture for an interior with personality.

Light is another fundamental aspect for a mountain chalet. Framing the windows with decorative curtains, it’s perfect for a full immersion in the landscape and its magic, freeing the sight over the beautiful light and scenery.

comfortable sofa decorated with ornamental cushions in warm colours, it’s all you need in a living area. There is where you will experience unique and unforgettable moments after a day of skiing or trekking in the woods. The living area has to be welcoming and cosy.

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The colours play an important role when communicating a profound and intimate sensation.

Usually, mountain chalets use colours like red, green and light blue. Other suggested tones are all shadows of white, cream and various brown tones.

But the colour proposals can be much more. In fact the above-mentioned colours create a sort of continuity with the natural materials, thus the real touch of style is to be able to play with contrast.

To a neutral interior you can play with total black elements of furniture. Red, yellow, turquoise, green, blue and black, if used with style, can express a unique, satisfying and fulfilling interior.

Originality and style are at the base of everything.

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A fundamental element in a mountain interior is: textile.

Carefully choosing the fabrics to dress a mountain retreat means to look for an extraordinary interior and above all, to value the concept of living a space.

In this manner, the home accents are not just simple elements, but creations full of life that instil, with their character, all the space.

l’Opificio pays particular attention to the collections developed for Alpine interiors.

Thanks to the expertise of the seamstresses of the Maison and using the best fabrics and velvets the aim is to create beautiful soft furnishing for mountain chalet, making a dream real.

Enjoying the moments of relax, satisfying your senses and desire at 360° that becomes possible only thanks to the dedication to perfection.

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l’Opificio Alpine collections are the result of this continuous effort. Each of them has a different spirit, to best represent the different ways of living the mountain.

Juì, inspired by the intense green of the alpine nature, attracts the suspended atmosphere of the mountain life. The dense greenery of the mountain pinewoods is mixed with different tones of grey. The result: an intimate walk in the most remote nature. Weaved on a linen base, the Juì collection allows you to lose and than find yourself again, with memories of the nature.

 On the other hand, Alpageis a collection that interprets the classical idea of the mountain. It is almost homage to the history and symbols of the mountain. Graphical and meticulous patterns in pale colour variants. The Ochre yellow takes the lead in the Alpage collection as the light does in the mountains. Soft, beautiful and unexpected for the sight and the mind.

North of Europe is among the inspirations of l’Opificio collections, a region where nature plays a major role. The Nord Collection interprets in textile the culture of these areas: a graphic design combined with bold colours. Warm and soft, this collection perfectly integrates a mounting interior with elegance.

For those who want to experience the mountain life starring at the snow in the warmth of a chalet, l’Opificio has developed the Vocalese treccia collection: a ton sur ton plait with a tricot effect. 

Soft, warm, cocooning: this is a plait to pamper oneself in relax.



vocalese collections l'opificio

These are just a small selection of our collections dedicated to the Alpine interiors. 

Wool, linen, natural fibres, always the best, are combined to obtain unique patterns for really special interiors.

Furthermore, each l’Opificio collection can be matched with the other collections to create perfect combinations: Mix and Match is our watchword!

Start to make your dream become reality: dress your mountain retreat with unique and refined home accents.

Get inspired by l’Opificio collections and discover a different way of living your space.



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