Interior inspirations for mountain retreats

How should a mountain interior look, to be perfect? Textiles play a major role to obtain the right atmosphere.

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When talking about mountain retreats or flats, nature plays an important influence as it inspires directly the interiors. Who spends times in the mountain, generally likes skiing in winter and walking during the summer or spending the evening with family and friends.

So which are the best solutions for mountain interiors to make them welcoming, relaxing and with personality?

Normally the chalets have small rooms that are finished with natural elements as wood, stone or textured ceramics and painted in the colour tones of the surrounding nature; alpine textiles use natural fibres.

idee arredo mantagna

Here below some ideas for your mountain retreatthat will inspire your winter.


In your living room, place a comfortable cosy sofa, a corner sofa would be perfect if the rooms allows. If the room has small windows and a nice fireplace, place the sofa in front of the latter, it will be perfect. If your living room have beautiful panoramic windows, in this case the sofa will be best in front of them, as in this way you will enjoy the view.


The cosy sofa, in a beautiful linen velvet, will be even more comfortable thanks to a great number of refined cushions in various geometric or graphic patterns in the colours of the forest and the stones. Remember a lot of cushions make the sofa comfy and inviting.

On the windows, as a frame to the gorgeous scenery, soft elegant side curtains in jacquard fabrics with natural fibres like linen, wool or cotton, in the same colour scheme of the cushions.


In the dining room, you will have a big table to host family and friends when back from their day out. On the seats and benches comfortable cushions, which will match with the living colour scheme, if the dining room is an open-space to the living room, otherwise they will match the colour of the kitchen if part of this room, being for example a Stube. The same will apply for the curtains on the windows.


Finally, in the bedrooms, the most private and quiet part of the house, you should choose warm colours in perfect harmony with the finishes used.

Soft and warm bedspreads, bed runners or bedcovers with some decorative cushions, in tone or as a contrast will dress your bed making it very personal. On the windows matching curtains that, if required, can shield the light.

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l’Opificio proposes a wide range of alpine textiles collections: jacquard fabrics with traditional patterns, textured collections in traditional or contemporary colours, rich soft cotton velvets, refined timeless linen velvets, gorgeous elegant silk velvets, refined solid kid mohair velvets.


All jacquard fabric and velvet collections are totally formaldehyde-free, without heavy metals or any toxic substances.


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