Interior Trends – The colours these days

Colours play a fundamental role in valuing a space, a piece of furniture or a decorative element.

Choosing colours for your home depends on your personality, yet each season brings with it new trends and the desire to renovate and change style.

Colours can wrap a room and modify your mood with their strong, bright, happy, pale or sophisticated character. 

2019 trend is a total monochrome home, where the colour tone chosen dress walls and structures, creating spaces where the textile elements in nuance or contrasting become a fundamental element to personalize your interior.

The colour trends 2019 are many and can be mixed together for unique creative solutions.

You don’t need to completely transform your home or start big renovation works to get a new appeal in your rooms: sometimes you just need a new colour shade, the same for wall and ceiling, and to renew the textile decoration in nuance, and immediately you’ll get the impression of being in a new living space.

The trend colours for interior are: a deep green inspired by nature, intense shades of blue and above all Living Coral, the Pantone colour 2019.

Can you imagine how beautiful can be a green living room? Cushions and curtains, in timeless colour combinations inspired by the forest. If you are looking for a stronger effect, you can opt for a bespoke textile solution where you can combine touches of bright yellow or light blue, for a more pop interpretation.

The trendiest colour is Living Coral, Pantone colour 2019, refined and bright, inspires energy and optimism, perfect for a summery retreat or a summer décor in a town house. But all the shades of pink, up to the baby pink, are perfect for soft and welcoming atmospheres.

A summery interior can’t miss the blue, elegant and intense. Playing with an absolute monochrome we will use it for curtains, bedcovers and cushions, creating a great atmosphere. For interior with a great impact just combine it with the orange, and you will get the wow effect.

Discover l’Opificio textiles for interiors in the summer trendy colours.




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