Jacquard Fabrics for interior design: textile discovery

3D Textiles, colour and weft virtuosities that appease each sense: jacquard fabrics have textile textures you can live in, rich in colourful tones and profoundness, in effects and weave.

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Behind jacquard fabrics for interiors you will find research, development, technique, design, textile engineering and more than this: experience. In order to produce these textiles a jacquard loom is used, which has revolutionised the textile production in 19thcentury.

In order to better understand how a jacquard fabric comes to life, we have to start from the origins. When we talk about textile, we mean any woven piece made of yarns placed perpendicularly among them.

Normally a textile is presented in form of a textile roll with a definitive length and width, which depends on the practical use of it.

The yarns placed longitudinally respect the roll and parallel to each other will make thewarp,whilst the yarns placed transverse make the weft. The latter interweaves with the yarns of the warp thanks to a spool, that goes in and back.

The marginal yarns of a textile, normally more compact and resistant, make the selvedge, which, beside allowing a better weaving, determines the width of a textile or the maximum distance between the first and last yarn of the warp.

These textiles are produced on machines called looms.

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story of jacquard fabrics


Textiles are classified with two different systems. The first one is based on the loom used for their production, the second uses the composition of the textile, it means on the number of warp and weft.

Referring to the first classification system textiles are divided in two main groups:

- textile produced on looms with the use of heddles
- textile produced with the jacquard looms

The second system includes all the so called “operated textiles”, whose production requires the use of a jacquard loom that allows to obtain on an operated fabric any kind of woven design, from the simplest to the most complicated.

The jacquard loom, allowing the automatic movement of the single yarn of the warp allows to produce extremely complicated textile in a mechanical way. Invented in 1801 by Joseph-Marie Jacquard today is the most used loom in the textile industry.

Made in Italy jacquard fabrics for fashion or interiors are renowned all over the world for their quality and creativity.

Jacquard fabrics are present in sophisticated collections, in elegant textile collections and in high-end textile for fashion.

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