l'Opificio new collections 2019: Relief

The new gobelin collection designed by Bruno Tarsia

For his first textile collection, the architect and interior stylist Bruno Tarsia, has chosen to collaborate with Barbara Bertoldo, art director of l’Opificio, the Turinese company that designs and produces high-end fabrics and velvets for furnishing.
The result is Relief, a gobelin textile produced with jacquard looms, a complex design with the embossed effect. It is an antique technique that goes back to 1450, famous for the refined quality of execution and beauty of the textile.
The new gobelin Relief collection has a new contemporary spirit. The different warps and wefts, typical of the gobelin weaving technique, playing with different yarns and colours, create a detailed pattern with a three-dimensional effect. A geometric game that plays with architectonical solid and empty spaces, textures, plain-woven and colour shades.
It is proposed in 9 elegant and chic colour variants: from natural tones to the rich gold nuances, from the vivid fire red, to the ethereal light blue, to the tones of grey and black.




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